That Time When A You-Tuber Was Attacked By His Cat

The YouTuber wound up needing his mom to get the cat off of him, but thankfully, Sheba wasn’t injured during the incident. 

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  1. @Cisco

    Surely, Mr. Cisco, you are joking. I don’t think a 12 pound house cat can kill a human.

    House cats are not really related to lions or other big cats. They have some design features in common, like claws and sharp teeth, which of course are much smaller in a house cat.

    I claim that they are not related because I believe in ID and not evolution. Thus, God designed all animals to occupy certain niches. What we call house cats were designed to balance the population of rodents, lions to balance the population of cape buffalo and wildebeests, etc.

  2. Adult male, lives with Mom, check.
    Has a cat, effeminate, check.
    Gamer, check.
    Claim to fame, a cat video, check.
    If he aint gay, he missed a hellofa chance.
    Only thing missing, the plaid jammies and a man bun.
    We are so fucked, sweet meteor of death, where are you?

  3. @OTD


    Appreciation of cats, and all animals, is not effeminate, or masculine, or anything else but wonder at God’s beautiful designs.

  4. What a pussy! The idiot looks old enough to get a job. WTF is this jerk doing at his moms house on U tube?
    I agree that TSMOD is overdue.


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