That Time When Kamala Harris Attacked Biden As A Racist Segregationist During Democrat Debates

Federalist: 2020 Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden formally tapped California Democratic Sen. Kamala Harris for the vice presidential ticket this fall, just more than a year after the former presidential rival ripped Biden as a racist white supremacist on the debate stage in prime time.

In response to a question first posed to then-South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg on race and policing, Harris inserted herself into the conversation to take a swipe at Biden just days after he touted his positive relationships with segregationist senators as examples of his “civility.”

“As the only black person on this stage, I would like to speak on the issue of race,” Harris said prompting audience applause and a concession from the MSNBC moderators to give Harris time.

“I’m going to now direct this at Vice President Biden. I do not believe you are a racist,” Harris declared before going on to call Biden exactly that. more

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  1. Dukakis/Bentsen: Lawyers

    Clinton / Gore: Lawyer / went and dropped out of law school.

    Gore / Lieberman: Went and dropped out of law school / Lawyer

    Obama / Biden: Lawyers

    Clinton / Kaine: Lawyers

    Biden / Harris: Lawyers

    No wonder the country sucks. We are drowning in nannying legal finger-waggers.

  2. One of my female friends on Facebook called her “Cumala.”


  3. Why was Biden-hater Kamala Harris chosen ?

    To fend off Andrew Cuomo’s possible
    usurpation at the convention.

    They don’t dare try to change the nominee
    when it would cause a division in the party
    that could possibly never be healed.

    If they’re elected, Harris is certain to be
    prez # 47.

    Any attempt to prevent that will divide the
    smellocrats eternally.

  4. History for this < 50.

    In '79 a liberal running for the GOP nomination called the Cal GOV a. "xenophobia, racist, white supremacist!"! In '80 he was Ronny's VP.


    BTW the lib's leftist son (ex President) still calls Ronny men "xenophobic, racist white nationalists"

  5. It doesn’t matter what Kammy said about Joey. Remember the sh*t Hillz threw at the feckless Obama and vice versa? In the end Obama paid off much of her campaign debt and made her Secretary of Foreign Assassinations. In the end it’s always what’s good for the party and to play the offense to the Republicans hand wringing defense.

  6. Bad_Brad,

    “I don’t think they’ve shown her yet with her new cave girl face”

    I guess there is no denying that she is ‘two-faced’.

  7. All Lawyers Who “surrendered” Their Licenses .

    And I don’t think Joe ever “Tapped” a Blackish Woman…Hell, He doesn’t even

    like Walnut Sauce on His Pizza 😉

  8. At least it’s still summer and she can work on her tan — she’s about as black as this blond-haired, blue eyed Paddy.

  9. frank poncherello, your point is well taken. I would only add that leftists tend to form alliances of convenience which never end well. Joey Molotov and Kamala Ribbentrop will be no exception.

    The fact that the giddy media has practically set up a timetable for Joey’s withdrawal from the Presumptive Presidency almost guarantees the flashing of the long knives, even during the campaign. Jill is the wild card.

    And WDS, Barky and Cankles are still stabbing each other. God only knows where Trump would be if they were a unified force.


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