That Video Media Is Flipping Out Over Like They Are Children. The Trumpsman (The Kingsman Parody) Full Video

video HERE

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24 Comments on That Video Media Is Flipping Out Over Like They Are Children. The Trumpsman (The Kingsman Parody) Full Video

  1. SO fake in SO many respects.
    * It wasn’t a part of the event. Was in an empty side room.
    * The Lying Leftist Media didn’t report on *any* part of the actual AMP event.
    * Fake outrage from the folks who brought you Kathy Griffin’s beheaded Trump, NYC’s staged stabbing of Trump (nightly!), etc etc
    * ACTUAL violence of Antifa is ignored, but meme “violence” is “horror”!

    I could go on and on, but:

    tl;dr THE LEFT CAN’T MEME! (…and has no sense of humor)

  2. This was that video from The Kingsman I linked to a month or so ago where this movie portrayed their British super agents killing racist, white Southerners (I repeat myself?) in a mass church execution that wasn’t controversial at all.

    Co-opting it is just genius.

  3. Are they mad because the parody shows that Hollywood sure isn’t a gun free zone? Water balloons and stern words next time.

  4. Cliche Guevara OCTOBER 14, 2019 AT 6:17 PM

    “killing racist, white Southerners (I repeat myself?)”

    No. You don’t repeat yourself.

    Can’t believe I need to say this, Cliche, but f**k off with that sh*t. You revealed yourself as very ignorant and bigoted on this subject.

    There is more and deeper racism in the northern states. Yankee racists assume the southern states are all racist because of their own racism and bigotry.

  5. I swear to you on a stack of What Happened, we’re going to find and prosecute the maker of that inflammatory video.

  6. “Video unavailable
    This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by International Federation of the Phonographic Industry.”

    OH NO!!! Any idea where I can watch this?

  7. @ Dadof4
    I agree with you, but I’m thinking Cliché was being sarcastic. Not sure, but it seems like that might be the case. I hope so!

  8. maybe it is just me GWB hates. but I tried 5 times to play it and . ” that video is no longer available….”!
    Seem to me that Bush’s pals at You Tube are “blacklisting” conservatives. Wow; news

  9. Hambone,

    Whether it was sarcasm or not it was, once more, perpetuating bs about the south that the north is actually worse about.

    If you spout bs about the south without the “/s” tag – you’re asking for it just like a guy in a biker bar talking trash about Harleys and those who ride them.

  10. Did anybody else notice that Trump didn’t have even one hair out of place at the end?
    That guy is amazing.

  11. I’m a racist.
    I’m a bigot.
    I’m a white supremacist.
    I’m a capitalist.
    I’m conservative.
    I’m a Constitutionalist.
    I’m a _________ (fill in the blank).

    Guess what?
    I don’t Give A Fuck!

    When it’s all said and done, we live in a binary Universe: Good v. Evil, Liberty v. Slavery, Honor v. Dishonor, Fact v. Fiction, Truth v. Lies, Light v. Darkness, Positive v. Negative.

    Pretty simple, really.

    izlamo delenda est …


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