That’s $100 Million Up In Smoke

An F-35 crashed yesterday near the Marine Corp Air Station Beaufort, in South Carolina. The pilot successfully ejected and is reported to be uninjured. This is the first lost of a joint strike fighter since it’s introduction in 2006. It’s replacement will cost $115 million. More

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  1. The problem with next-generation fighter/bombers is that they merely “polish the cannonball.” 5% better than an F-16 for 5 times the money. It makes no sense. Simply spend the money to reweaponize the F-16s and others.

  2. I made a nice market gain on
    Lockheed Martin when they won
    that contract years ago but
    when I see 100 million for a
    single plane go down the crapper
    I do not see how we can win wars
    using aircraft that cost so much
    that they beggar us to make them.

  3. $40 million illegal aliens who bring down $20 K a year in ill-gotten benefits = a whole bunch of $100 million dollar F-35’s and other military stuff while they fix all the issues……build the wall!!!

  4. they’re right on it: “… for reasons that are under investigation, local law officials and the U.S. military said.”

    feinstein is going to send over ‘some’ (or is it dim sum, as they call him) of her staff to investigate. They are touting their superior investigative skills and ability to maintain discretion, though they admit they will have to remove some of the more advanced technical parts for further analysis in their highly specialized Peking labs. A time frame of less than a week is suggested, and donations are being accepted.

  5. I recently sold my measly holdings in Lockheed Martin stock for a measly profit. They’re way too embedded in deep state government crap like facial recognition and other super creepy stuff. It was time to say goodbye.

    Just in time.

  6. Lucky it wasn’t an F/A 22 Raptor, they are just a little more costly…of course you get what you pay for! Remember this is the offspring of the “Joint Strike Fighter” project that had input from a lot of Eurotrash countries!

  7. F-4 Phantoms when I was in the Navy back in the mid 70’s cost about 5 – 6 million dollars a piece and that was a lot of money then. And P-51 Mustangs in World War War 2 were under a 100 K a piece. Even B-17’s were a hundred to 200 K at the time which was a hell of a lot of money back in the 40’s and they were produced in the thousands for maybe what one or two F-35’s cost now, if not less. They should upgrade the capabilities of F-16’s and F-18’s and still have a superior aircraft but that’s just my practicality talking. We lost one of our F-4’s on a training mission off of Hawaii back in 1974 and that was a pretty significant loss but both the pilot and REO survived.

  8. So who was piloting the aircraft?
    Was it a Marine pilot or a pilot from France or other EU pilot?
    Was it pilot error or aircraft failure?

  9. They keep going newer and more expensive.
    However, some of the older aircraft still are going strong, e.g., C130 (various versions including transport, weather as in flying into hurricanes and the gunship), B52, C141, and C5, are older than the pilots flying them.
    I remember when the Thunderbirds flew F100s – sometimes older F100s are used as remote controlled target drones.
    I remember when F15, F16, the AWACS, and others were under development.

  10. F14, 15, 16, 117, 18….i love them all. However, they are not ‘stealth’ aircraft or VTOL’S.

    Yes, the F35 is very spendy, but if you are not on the bleeding edge of technology….you are losing.

    The stealth and radar capabilities are what the F35 brings….and they are multinational…our allies.

    The F22 is a different story. We will not sell them. They are our ‘air superiority’ fighter.

    There’s a vid of a single F22 taking on 5 F15’s (our current air sup. fighter). A no rules fight.

    The F22 took down all 5 F15’s. Not one F15 pilot even saw the F22 until they were defeated.

    Kinda like shooting prairie dogs that have no clue where you are….

  11. Manned fighter jets are OLD TECHNOLOGY

    Use driverless drones that can do impossible G’s and save all the expensive training to a guy with a joystick 1000s of miles away.

  12. Never forget Chuck Yeager walking away from that smoking wrecked jet in “The Right Stuff” Hey that’s the cost of defense. Nobody seemed to mind when Hot Shot McCain wrecked three million dollar jets and almost sunk the USS Forrestal. Accidents happen. If it’s Pilot error, he will be jacked up; if it is a she, we probably won’t hear anymore about it. My point is that there are many accidents out there in the desert that we know nothing about. Frankly. I don’t want to know. But I pray for those brave hot shots who risk their lives every time they go up to defend this great country. If we can spend a trillion on welfare for illegals then we can afford a billion or two on airplane accidents.

  13. Moe tom –

    Exactly. Thousands died in just training for D-Day, too.

    What these men do….is unimagineable to most people.

    I am humble…


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