‘That’s awful.’ Lisa Page’s FBI text on Black Live Matters conflicts with MSNBC’s embrace

JTN- Cable news network MSNBC’s hosts have relentlessly embraced Black Lives Matter, routinely ribbing Republicans critical of the group’s Marxist roots while showcasing celebrities who support the racial justice group.

“Black Lives Matter is a human rights statement,” WNBA star Sidney Colson declared on the network in a recent interview with host Ali Velshi that encapsulated the network’s embrace of the group.

So it may come as somewhat a surprise that one of MSNBC’s newest and most celebrated hires, the ex-FBI lawyer Lisa Page who now serves as a legal analyst, offered a not-so-fond message about the group’s protests. At least when she texting with her then-lover, the now-fired FBI agent Peter Strzok, during the Russia collusion probe four years ago. more

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  1. Oops. That’s going to leave a mark. Will one of the ex-FBI darlings get canceled? Normally, I would say yes, and I am leaning that way. However, the fact that she was deeply tied in the effort to overthrow an elected president that the left hates, might save her.

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  3. Totalitarianism admits to no hypocrisy.

    Just as with moslems – they can say or do anything to further their cause without sin.
    Simply put, they have no “values” – no restraining “morality” – they have nothing but the slavering lust for power over the weak – the need to despoil and kill.

    Cringing fear and terror are their tools – but like all bullies and wild dogs they whimper, tuck tail, and lick each others’ asses when confronted with superior force.

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. At least the two chirping love birds got it right about “Next to the portrait of Eric Holder which is wildly offensive”

    To me that’s more telling than “that’s awful”

  5. Things were different way back then. BLM was very inconvenient for the Deep State’s blessed Lightworker. He hurt his back bending over for them. And it was pretty hard for Loretta Lynch, who had to slip out the back door of Main Justice so she could catch her plane to meet Bill Clinton on the tarmac in Phoenix. Things were just awful.


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