That’s Cold

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  1. The washer and dryer didn’t like the transphobia either, so now all your whites are going to come out pink and with glitter.

  2. there will come a day ….. “Commissar Oblivious-Cortex has noticed you have over-allotted your caloric intake by going to McDonalds for lunch today & you skipped your State-mandated workout. Access denied. Have a nice day.”

    used to be funny …. it’s a coming reality w/ the Fascist Oligarchs of the Left in charge

  3. The grandkids were over this past week and emptied the fridge. Something like this could have saved me a lot of money.


    I see it as saying, “You are gorgeous, those extra humps make you sexy, your 8000 calories per day is optimal, please keep stuffing your face.”

    If it’s suppose ta be PC an’all, catering to lesbians

  5. No cabbage for you, during the course of the mourning our microphones detected several discharges of methane that exceeded the median excepted amount.

  6. I refuse to buy any new so called smart appliance. I’d like to keep my freedom and privacy, thank you. And I don’t want any appliance ratting me out to the authorities for living contrary to their damned political correctness. And I will never own an Alexa or any other listening device that can see and hear everything that I think or say. Have we become so lazy and complacent that we can’t do things for ourselves anymore? I AM NOT A FRIGGIN SHEEPLE! I am John the Barbarian in Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World.

  7. My wife asked me why I carry a gun around the house.
    “To fight the Decepticons”, I said.
    She laughed. I laughed.
    The toaster laughed.
    I shot the toaster.

    Good times…


  8. Just bought a frickin’ air filter
    for my home A/C.It has a blue tooth
    RFID chip it.Sends a message to a Idiot
    box phone when it wants to be changed…
    Thank goodness I have a 1995 flip phone
    with data,text,emails,pix BLOCKED.

  9. “I am sorry, but as your self-driving, smart Obamobile, I cannot take you to McDonald’s. I have instead plotted a course to Tofu Tuesday’s. Do not fight the restraints.”


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