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That’s Enough of That

Dog Intervention

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  1. That’s known as a ‘Beeno’

    As in….there’ll be no more of that…

  2. Yea, I have two of those idiots living with me. Ones a white Lab. Bogey the wonder dog. All males. Am I important? Oh hell no. There all moms dogs.

  3. A Black Lab woulda overturned the tables and pushed the cash register on the floor…

  4. My lab is the sweetest when you give her something. She takes it as if you just gave her the most fragile thing in the world.

    The dachshunds, not so much. You better count your digits after giving them something.

  5. Sweet dogs.
    .45-70, I am officially educated for this:
    That’s known as a ‘Beeno’
    As in….there’ll be no more of that…

  6. I’d really like to see this clip, but all I get is a big white empty space.
    Is it in some strange format like Apple?
    Boobie loved dog stuff. Is the original on the web somewhere?

  7. Problem: only viewable on Twitter. Not that desperate.

  8. What a metaphor. The young Lab is the American people. The hand represents the empty promises of the Lib/Tard Dems. The intervening Lab is President Trump delivering on his promises.

  9. @ Uncle Al: If not, he should be! Perfect!

  10. That dog was evidently the only adult in the room.

  11. More evidence that Dogs are nicer people than people.

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