That’s Entertainment!

Mama Cass, Lulu and Dudley Moore.

Mama Cass’s expressions are priceless.

Variety shows were great back in the day.

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  1. Sad that Cass didn’t do the Adele thing and lose weight before obesity killed her. She was gifted.
    Too bad Stacey Adams can’t sing – talk about fat, stupid and useless.

  2. The drummer sure looked thrilled.

    Shows such as that were meant to be fun. A couple of times I have read that the Dick Cavett show was substantive as opposed to Johnny Carson which was just mindless entertainment. For crying out loud, does Everything have to have deep philosophical meaning or it is worthless?

  3. Meow, Hiss! Mama Cass and Lulu were being a bit catty. LOL! Seems the very talented A types didn’t share the spotlight gracefully. Still, fun to watch.

  4. Man, did I ever have a crush on Lulu back in the day. When I was sent to England with the Air Force, I thought all the girls would be that cute. They weren’t!

  5. Boy…Girl…YEAH! Was always this way…Love it! No in-betweenees.

    What’s going on now? Just don’t understand it…Don’t care. I know the feeling! Thank You, Lord, for two distinct Sexes, when combined, makes one whole person.

  6. AC
    DECEMBER 7, 2021 AT 3:25 PM
    Anonymous December 7, 2021 at 2:41 pm:

    “It were a sandwich killed mama cass”

    If Mama Cass had given Karen Carpenter that last sandwich, we’d still have them both.

  7. This blast from the past was a treat, thank you.

    Let me just put this here for what it is worth, the song titled Wet Ass Pussy was a mainstream #1 Billboard hit last year.

  8. “Variety shows were great back in the day.”
    Because they featured individuals who had real talent, maybe?

  9. A piece of American & California history.
    “California Dreamin’ on a Winter day”…..
    I still enjoy it today.


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