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That’s No AR-15

In the left’s rush to condemn the weapon and not the hand using it, they have declared that the Orlando Islamic terrorist used the very popular AR-15.

This was the weapon used in the shooting, a Sig Sauer MCX carbine.

Not that it matters, they all look the same to the left – a means to stop their lawlessness and prevent their dream of  totalitarian control.


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  1. Potato – Potatoe, tomato – tomatoe, AR-15 – MCX Carbine, let’s just call the whole thing off!

  2. Yes, but remove the pistol grip and that is now a legal Cali gun. Makes your head hurt don’t it.

  3. BB the folding stock and threaded flash suppressor make it illegal here regardless of the grip.

  4. Brad, how the heck do you “remove the pistol grip” from an AR style lower?

    I haven’t seen any word on what it was chambered for, and it is available in 5.56 NATO, 7.62×39, and 300 BLK. Anyone know?

    I’d actually kinda like to have one of those in 300 BLK and get a can for it.

  5. @JohnS – That rifle is available with IIRC four different stocks. One does indeed fold, but you’ve also got telescoping stock options.

  6. I was referring to the one pictured.
    It is a very versatile platform with many possible setups.

  7. @old_oaks – While I really like the whole idea of a Hello Kitty AR, that mandatory californication of the pistol grip makes me say GAAAAAAHHKKK! That stock is suitable only for bashing collectivists in the head!

    I’m holding out for a Barney the dinosaur AR-10. I do like .308, and purple is my favorite color – and it has been for decades longer than the homosexuals have tried to monopolize it.

  8. Al, My buddy went off the deep end, he has everything imaginable. The beyouwulf is by far my favorite, though an AR-10 is probably a little more practical. I like the 300 BLK but it’s pricey unless you run your own brass. He’s also slowly turning me on to 10am, which is another pricey round. For now I’m kind of happy he doesn’t like my XDS .45, says it hurts his hand. However, the double stack mod 2.0 has peaked his interest.

  9. Mobile devices suck! Numerous errors in the above!

  10. Uncle Al, I’m sure I don’t need to tell you this but as usual, JohnS is full of crap.
    “Featureless” guns, ARs without the pistol grip fall into a legal category. Don’t even need a bullet button on them. I guess pistol grips scare the shit out of libs.
    Just for fun Google Featureless AR’s

  11. @old_oaks – I’m with you on the suckiness of tiny screen “keyboards”. I learned to touch type in the 60s (on manual typewriters, no less) and am completely at home with a full keyboard. Smart phones, with all their other niceties, are simply awful to use for more than very short text entry functions.

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