That’s Not a Merkin

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15 Comments on That’s Not a Merkin

  1. Okay, the first one was about mud daubers, but they filled their nests with spiders. We’ll just say that you might suffer from Entomophobia.

  2. Calm down, everybody! It’s only a Sarah Lawrence undergrad! (I recognized it from the neighborhood.) This specie, although unattractive, is invariably gender-neutral and completely harmless.

  3. Um, Yo pienso que’ what he actually said was “super pelo “PUBICO”, which unless I’m mistaken translates to “Super Pubic Hair”! So yes, it probably was Nancy Pelosi’s “Merkin”, (whatever the hell a “Merkin” is)!!!

  4. Gaaahhh! Fur, you gots ta stop this!

    I normally don’t have problems with bugs, but this just might turn me to the dark side!

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