‘That’s Not My Country’: John Kasich Calls ICE Agents ‘Dead Wrong’ for Enforcing Law

Ohio Governor John Kasich says federal immigration officials following federal laws by deporting illegal aliens is “not my country.”

Breitbart: In an interview with open borders activist and journalist Jorge Ramos, Kasich said Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents were “dead wrong” for enforcing federal immigration laws by deporting illegal aliens back to their native countries.

Ramos asked Kasich if he believed the current 12 to 30 million illegal aliens currently residing in the United States should be allowed to stay in the country permanently. Kasich responded:

I don’t think they should be citizens, but I think they should be able to be here, yes, and live in our country. But the idea that we would try to just go round them up… and look, these stories where these ICE agents are going into people’s homes, to me, that’s not my country. That’s not the way that I think we should handle these things. I think it’s dead wrong. [Emphasis added]  MORE

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  1. John Kasich, RINO extraordinaire, remains an embarrassment to Ohio.
    John, you are irrelevant progressive republican who does not speak for Ohioans.

  2. I’m in Ohio. 😮

    I just saw an ad for our govenor’s race Mike Dewine, a conservative! Blah another one not to be trusted!!!

  3. “I don’t think they should be citizens, but I think they should be able to be here, yes, and live in our country.”
    This is ‘thought-he-should-be-President-Kasich’ addressing the problem he created as longtime Congressvermin Kasich, which he is too stupid to understand is a PROBLEM. But compassion just oozes out of his ears. Charity that others must pay for.

    Just shut up and go away, you son of a mailman. And no government pension for you!

  4. I’m in Ohio too. 😮
    John Kasich signed the Republican Loyalty Pledge to support the Republican nominee, who ever it was, and then told us on national television that he would indeed support Donald Trump. We watched him reneg on both promises as well as embarrass himself by asking the Republicans to have their convention in Cleveland and then not show up. He has demonstrated beyond any doubt that both his signature and his word mean absolutely nothing!
    With his words a man makes covenant and his signature is evidence of his covenant.
    A man is only as good as his word. If a man says he will do something, he does it.
    If a man makes a promise, he keeps it.
    If a man signs his name to a document, he abides by the all rules and statements of the document.
    When a man breaks his word, he breaks all credibility.
    When a man breaks his word, he is a not a man, he is a boy, and should be treated as such.
    Real men know and understand this. A man´s word is the measure of his character and his integrity. John Kasich has neither. He is a vindictive, pathetic liar. He is navel lint. He is a gutless welch which explains why he sides with a bunch of squirrely, dirty democRATs!

  5. The oath of office means nothing to a “man” like Kasich; thank God there are still men and women who enforce our laws who take their oaths seriously.

  6. One of the best side-effects of the 2016 presidential election, is it sure exposed who the true patriots are, and who aren’t.

  7. Kasich…..ok then, if this is NOT your country for having agents who enforce its laws against illegals who have broken its laws, then, what IS your country? And why are you HERE, running your mouth, and not THERE, where you seem to think you’d like it better?

  8. I still laugh about this jerk. I remember he barely won his home state in the 2016 primaries. After he won Ohio, the confetti dropped and gave a speech like he just won the Republican nomination. The Ohio delegates were the only delegates he won. We wouldn’t withdraw from the race, because his delegates would have then gone to Trump. He also took Soros money.

    This guy is an first class asshole. A corrupt snake with no honor. Uniparty slime.

    Loved it when Trump trolled his sorry ass.

  9. John … John … don’t go away mad … just go away.
    I think even Ohio has had enough of your mealy-mouthed bullshit.

    Your dad may have been a mailman (or the Postman who rang twice) but you made your fortune selling your soul to Lehman Bros.

    Fuck off – have a plate of pancakes – on somebody else’s dime.

    izlamo delenda est …

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