‘That’s Not Systemic Racism!’: Leo Terrell Gets Into Yelling Match With Geraldo Rivera Over Police Reform

Rivera is a douche. His answers are “feelings.” When challenged to point to the systemic racism he can’t do it, and then pivots to weak anecdotes.


“I make my comments based on 30 years of being a civil rights attorney and suing law enforcement,” Terrell began. “I want to put this to bed right now. There is no systemic racism within law enforcement in this country. Especially in Democratic cities where people of color are running the cities.”

Terrell challenged Rivera to give him “the name of the town, the name of the police department and the head of the police department” allegedly “implementing a pattern and practice of racial discrimination against people of color.” Rivera responded by pointing out that being a police officer “is a really tough job” before saying that there are an average of “1,000 citizens killed by cops every year.”


22 Comments on ‘That’s Not Systemic Racism!’: Leo Terrell Gets Into Yelling Match With Geraldo Rivera Over Police Reform

  1. I’ll take your word for it that Jerry Rivers sounded like his usual douchey self.
    I can’t take listening to him.

  2. Stupider and more annoying than Juan Williams! Wow! This is exactly why I turned Fox off many years ago.

  3. Rivera is a remora. He attaches himself to the latest Poop du Jour (I dunno, maybe that makes him a Dung Beetle) and milks it for all it’s worth. Then when he’s done with it he moves on to the next hot topic. Case in point: He was a Trump “supporter” until Jackass Joe “won” then he dropped Trump like a hot rock! Now he milking this “Systemic Racism” bullshit cuz it gets him ratings… no more, no less.

  4. Hey, I think calling Geraldo a douche is not proper. Douching is an important part of feminine health (at least as far as I know). Geraldo serves no useful purpose other than to raise the blood pressure of normal people when they have to listen to him.

  5. Systemic black crime is the problem in this country, but you will never get a politician to tell the truth because they don’t want the peaceful protesters to burn their house down.

  6. Blacks confronted by white police resent being given instructions or producing identification, it escalates from there…….

  7. I loved this line:
    “A black person is more than twice as likely as a white person to be killed by a cop,” Rivera continued. “Some of that happens because black people live in more crime–laden areas…”

    I wonder why it is that so many areas where black people live become crime-laden? Just bad luck, I guess.

  8. WHY would ANYONE appear with Rivera to be interviewed by him?
    He’s as bad a bag o’dicks as CNN Potato Head Stelter (just more hair).

  9. Don’t argue with Geraldo Rivera.
    Don’t give Geraldo the time of day.
    He can’t be trusted at all. He’s a liar and a cheat.
    He’s been married 5 five times and self admittedly cheated on the first 4 wives. Wonder if he cheated with wife #5 when he was still married to #4.

    Fuck Geraldo Rivera, he’s a liar and cheat.

  10. How long did it take Geraldo to play his race card?

    Stick to sending the shirtless selfies out Geraldo… You’re creepie

  11. being a paid foil is hard work requiring little to no smarts. remember Bob Bechtel (sp?). he was a great foil whose BS you could almost believe.

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