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“That’s Not Who We Are” – Hillary Clinton

Boy, do I hate the phrase “that’s not who we are” when it’s wafting out of the mouth of a politician.

I see it as passive-aggressive dictatorialism.

Please, please, by all means, tell me who I am.


Would anyone care to do the research and find Hitlery using the phrase ‘radical Islamic terrorism”? I’m positive she has, just not in front of a bunch of Muslims whose votes she is courting.

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  1. Hillary, and people like her, won’t be happy until “that’s not who we are” refers to people living in prosperity safe from the threat of Islamo-heathens before they plant all of humanity 6 feet underground.

  2. The security of America in the short-term should revolve around our greatest efforts to remove this woman and President Marx from political relevance – at any cost.

  3. I know! I said this a few days ago that this damn phrase as replaced “folks” as my Number 1 most hated expression uttered by Obama. How nice others have picked it up.

  4. Such a waste of air! I find what comes from her mouth is more offensive than the hot air from her backside. What does she consume to make such offensive discharges from both ends?

  5. Close enough? What do I win?

    February 8th, 2010
    …..”While Mrs. Clinton acknowledged that “obviously, a nuclear-armed country like North Korea or Iran pose both a real or a potential threat,” she said the terror threat is greater and, unlike some recent Obama administration figures, specified that threat in terms specific to Islam, though not the Muslim religion itself.

    “But I think that most of us believe the greater threats are the transnational non-state networks, primarily the extremists, the fundamentalist Islamic extremists who are connected — al Qaeda in the Arab Peninsula, al Qaeda in Pakistan and Afghanistan, al Qaeda in the Maghreb [region of North Africa],” she said. …….


  6. Like I wrote here yesterday, start a hashtag…


    who the fuck wants to be American if it means “sharing values” with the criminal Clinton or the Poseur President?

  7. Fuck her.

    I am sick to death of these clueless asshole politicians who don’t know me from Adam telling me what I’m not.

    “If you don’t support abortion on demand and gun control, then you’re not welcome in New York state, because that’s what we’re not about in New York state.”

    –Andrew Cuomo, Grand Imperial Douchebag of New York State, January 18, 2014.

    Listen up, both of you asshats! I’m not stupid (like you), condescending (like you), and intolerant (like you). I also have a mind of my own and the ability not to send people shrieking out of the room the minute I open my mouth.

    Ultimate Libtard Gasbag Faceoff: Hitlery vs. He-Whose-Surname-Rhymes-with-Homo. Cast your vote now!

  8. “Folks” is very high on my list! It is only surpassed by “notion”. “Nuanced” (meaning: “Yes, I said that but now that there’s criticism what I really meant was…”) is another one.

    The leftists love to speak for everybody. obama just did it again by telling us “that’s not who Americans are” regarding bringing Christian syrian refugees into the country.

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