That’s one pissed off parrot

ht/ c. steven tucker

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  1. Is there any way we can get this bird to DC to handle Jim Acosta’s questions at the briefings.

  2. ^^^^It’s the head bob for emphasis that makes it so funny. My wife & I laughed hard as well.

  3. That’s what like moving from OUT of a small apartment to a house in the burbs, looks like. Trust me.

    I thought his neck was going to snap off in rage!

  4. OH fudge! Shouldn’t that parrot have his mouth washed out with soap because of it’s potty mouth. And the parrot didn’t learn the f word all by himself, he learned from his owner to swear like that.

  5. I’ve seen that and other vids of this same bird. @TommyBoy said the head movements make it, and how! Never seen a bird mimic body language like that. Constant rage.

  6. I once taught a parrot to say to the girls “Take your pants off, take your pants off” It worked, he was was my wing man.


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