The 2020 Census Wants You To Identify With Some Race. So Pick ‘American’

Federalist: On St. Patrick’s Day, my children and I dressed in green. We ate corned beef and cabbage, as we do every year. I listened to Irish music, read Irish history, and even enjoyed Irish cuisine. I’m too old for the bar scene on St. Paddy’s, but they were all shut down this year anyway, along with the parades. Still, for me and my family, it is a day on which we acknowledge our Irish roots.

The next day, I filled out the 2020 United States census. Question No. 9 addressed race, as every census has since 1790. This year, there’s an added twist: After checking off “white,” I was asked to fill in my “origins.” I typed the same answer for myself, my wife, and my children: American.

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  1. That’s what I did!

    Since both sides of my family date back to well before there was a USA, they were Original Americans when the country was formally founded.

  2. Using one of those DNA genealogy testing sites I found out I have origins in at least seven different countries and not all of them are considered white by everyone.

    Should I toss a coin to see which one I claim or list them all? After all, I wouldn’t be here at all if they weren’t all there in my origins.

    Why does anything involving government have to always lead to such confusing complications?

  3. I am a native American since I was born right here in America. MY ancestors were all Anglo Saxons, a mixture of English, Scotch, Irish and German and all were here prior to the American Civil war and my English ancestors go all the way back to the late 1630’s with the 2nd wave of Puritans and Protestants who came to New England from England. I am probably what used to be called a WASP, white Anglo Saxon Protestant. I will proudly write American on my census form, I don’t identify with any other group except American.

  4. My son was born this past December. The nursing staff was filling out paperwork and asked me his race and ethnicity (this question hadn’t been asked with my previous children, delivered at the same hospital) I said, “white.” Then she asked, “ethnicity? German, Irish, English?….” I said, “American.” She said I was the first person to pick that since they recently started asking the question…. sad

    The thought to pick anything other than American never even crossed my mind…. what else could we be? I’ve never even been to England.

  5. I ‘identify’ with being from The Bronx, more than anything, and proud of it, and my Irish born grandmother and grandfather would agree, the place in which they settled themselves over one hundred years ago.

  6. I filled out the census on line earlier this week. I didn’t realize “American” or “Other” was an option so I used “English” since its the language I normally speak.

  7. I started filling out the online census Tuesday. The first several questions were OK – address, number of residents, names. Then I was asked whether I owned the home, rented, or whatever. As that information has NOTHING to do with the enumeration required by the Constitution, I tried to bypass the question without answering. I couldn’t. So I quit.

    When/if some census drone rings our doorbell, it won’t matter whether I answer or my wife does. The govt snoop will hear “Two native-born U.S. citizens” followed immediately by the sound of the door closing.

  8. well i missed that question, i put in Martian, damn another wrong answer!
    I should have pulled an all nighter studying for that test

  9. @Charlie Hargrave – Heh! You gave me an idea.

    On second thought, I might tell the snoops, “We are a married couple of mixed ethnicity. I am a Southerner but my wife is from the Midwest, bless her heart.”

  10. I wrote in: “Womb”…
    come knocking on my door, bitches.

    It was actually a Kappa Kappa Gamma party at Penn State in 1955.

  11. I not shure but I bleve I’sa twinkle in my Pa’s eye befor da krismas party … Ma was turnin tricks down by the dumpster – usually bj’s – but Pa (whoever he was) gots frisky.

    I ritin like dis to ‘peal to suthern niggrahs … Hirlarry tot me dis …

  12. I took the census and I had to laugh where they ask for gender and all they offer is:
    That settles the alphabet people pronouns abruptly.

  13. In protest to a stupid question, I chose to tell the truth. I’m a proud American Citizen born on American Soil.
    I was hoping all Citizens would declare their citizenship in order to get an accurate count.

  14. On the warpath. Selected again for ACS (the unconstitutional, intrusive, American Community Survey) and I refuse to answer this abomination.

    Sent a letter to Census Bureau with rebuttal and just the #3 for citizens residing there. Do not comply!

    Everyone is of the human race; sex and age are irrelevant to an enumeration for representation purposes.

  15. My answer for origin – “The United States of America”.
    I probably should have tried to answer that question with; “Generational native-born citizen of The United States of America”

  16. I wrote in American as well. Lets knock off the crap and turn up the heat on the Great Melting pot again. Only country in the world where you can show up, go through proper channels, do the work and become truly one of us. America, F#*k Yeah!


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