The 27 Club

Inhabited by creative, talented and popular people, the 27 Club is one nobody wants to join. There is a popular (if not morbid) notion that the age of 27 is particularly lethal for rock stars (see Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, Kurt Cobain and Amy Winehouse). Something about reaching the heights of stardom at an age too young to handle the pitfalls of the lifestyle.

But is 27 really a statistically significant age? And should all young performers be told that if they can just live past that year they’ll have a good chance at a normal life span?


The referenced article “Stairway to hell: life and death in the pop music industry” makes for an interesting read. Apparently 1990 was a bad year to be a performer.

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  1. fap is the sound of ‘one hand typing’ to answer the question.

    jon bonham was 32. took about 40 shot of vodka to get him to choke on his own vomit while asleep.

    when jimmy page was asked, more or less paraphrasing: “couldn’t you tell he was drunk?” answer, again paraphrasing: “he was always drunk”.

    too bad.

  2. I have been a huge Gram Parsons forever. The guy’s personal life was a disaster, but his musical sensibilities were in line with mine.

    I think he may have been played out by the time of his death.

    I have an old, old, like 1970’s old Gram Parsons & the Fallen Angels T shirt that I wear a bit and whenever I am wearing it people come up and comment on it.

    I had one that I used to wear up until about 1985 when I weighed a buck fifty in my late twenties, but fatted out of it and a friend found the XL one I have today in a thrift shop or Goodwill.

    I have heard that reproductions are now being sold.

  3. and if they were 27 and all alive today, they would run off to syria to join isis. because that’s what they’re all doing these days at that age

  4. 102 years old is probably a Blues musician. Those guys tend to live a long time if they make it past 35.

    Rappers on the other hand, those guys murdered at a real steady clip.

  5. Got curious and had to look it up. I know about most of the blues musicians, don’t follow jazz though.

    June 23, 2014
    Jazz legend Lionel Ferbos, a Creole singer and trumpeter, died last weekend at the age of 103.

    New Orleans jazz is close enough to the blues.

  6. ….yet jackwagons like Bono, Michael Stipe, Springsteen, Bon Jovi & John Cougar Melonhead live on
    ….& on…
    ….& on….

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