The 5 Biggest NY Times Screw Ups This Year

The New York Times published a report Monday which claimed they had “obtained” an unpublished government draft of a forthcoming climate assessment despite the fact that the draft has been publicly available online since January.

In light of this oversight, which TheNYT has since issued a correction on, here is a list of Times’ errors, inaccuracies, blunders, misrepresentations and general failures this year.   [Daily Caller]


This image is satire. But then, so is the NYT.


4 Comments on The 5 Biggest NY Times Screw Ups This Year

  1. “Journalism” appears to have become nothing more than surfing the web and repeating whatever affirms their world view.

  2. If a clicked link ever directs me to The New York Times, even from this site, I immediately hit the back button. If I want deranged, unhinged, extremist leftist ranting I can tune in to Steven Colbert.

  3. Refrigerator by desk is full of champagne. Every time there’s another article about the National New York Enquirer laying more people off, refrigerator door opens.

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