The 9th Rules 2nd Amendment Doesn’t Apply to Concealed Carry

Yesterday, The U.S 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling that “The right of a member of the general public to carry a concealed firearm in public is not, and never has been, protected by the Second Amendment.”

The case arose from objections to California state laws that an individual had to demonstrate a “good cause” to receive a conceal carry permit. The ruling is expected to be appealed to the Supreme Court.


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  1. So in California nothing has really changed. If you live in a Pro 2 A county you will get your permit. If you live in San Diego County where the Sheriff is a flaming liberal who is afraid of firearms, no permit. I’d like to ask that asshole how many crimes have been committed in his county by CWW’s.
    Oh and by the way. The License the state issues for CCW’s looks nothing like that picture. Is a recipe card size piece of paper with a wax film on it that you need to fold in half to get into your wallet. Cheesiest license I’ve ever seen. Our county has started issuing Credit Card sized hard plastic licenses but they do not replace the cheap paper ones.

  2. @Left Coast Dan – I imagine it will if only the SCROTUS will accept the case. My understanding of the current state of rulings is that the 2nd means you must be allowed to carry. If the CA supreme putzes have just said that the 2nd doesn’t mean you can carry concealed, then the US putzes say the law must allow you to open carry. Of course in CA open carry is illegal in any city, town, village, what have you. So, yeah, this needs to be bumped.

    (Yes, I have simplified a bit, perhaps over-simplified.)

  3. @JustAl – Yes. Either purge them or hack off bit stinking chunks of their power over us.

    It would be better to have a non-govt body to perform constitutional review of laws and regs. The judiciary in the three-branch system is still a branch of govt and tends to decide in their favor in cases of govt infringement of rights. The constitution doesn’t give that review role to the supremes anyway – they took it on themselves in 1803 and things have been going downhill ever since.

    It would also be better if there were constitutionally defined penalties for govt people who violate constitutional limits on what they are allowed to do. The floor of those penalties should be instant dismissal, plus immediate loss of all benefits including pension. And note that I’m suggesting that as the mandatory minimum.

  4. Txn4Evr
    Your hatred for a big chunk of Real Estate is miss placed. Try Fuck Liberals because here’s the deal. This will end up in front of the supremes. And if Hillary gets elected it fits her agenda to a tee. And next thing you know Texas won’t have any guns either. Well except for the bad guys and terrorists that is. Another reason to hate the traitorous vermin #NeverTrump

  5. I left LA county in 2011 and never looked back. At that time, if you wanted a CCW in LA County, you had better be rich, famous, or a big contributor to Sheriff Lee Baca’s political career. The elite in California don’t want the peons to have weapons, it makes it easier to get away with the outrageous shit that they do. If Cankles becomes President, we can expect the same thing nationwide.

  6. In the confused Fronkensteen pretzel logic world of Kalifornia yer more likely to be injured by a flaming, One-Eyed, Hunchback, Nipple-Ringed, Homosexual, Gay, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual, Tri-Sexual, Diesel-Fired, Plaid Flannel lumberjack shirt-wearing, butch-dyke, Transgender Queer firing a tampon from his vagina at ya because you looked at it funny!

  7. Bad_Brad – totally O/T but I saw on another thread you were going to poke holes in Pine-Sol bottles. Can I assume you are also having a problem with the Pine-Sol ads taking over the entire screen? What browser do you use? I use Opera and every time a Pine-Sol ad appears, I can do nothing – can’t TU, can’t comment, nada. It just takes me to a Pine-Sol screen. So frustrating.

  8. Riverlife – I use Safari and it’s a crapshoot – sometimes I get the Pinesol ad, most of the time I don’t. When it happens I close and re=start the browser. It usually solves the problem (until it happens again). If it happens often I go to another browser. There are times I use different browser for different sites. Some quirks are different than others and each browser seems to handle them differently.

  9. Thanks, TRF. I don’t have the problem on Firefox, but I hate using it. Maybe I’ll try a different browser. No other ads seem to cause this problem – only Pine-sol. Weird.

  10. The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals is historically one of the most reversed U.S. Courts of Appeal in the United States. (Although the 6th Circuit is apparently giving the 9th Circuit a run for its money). If the appeal is a two party case, the 9th has a 50% chance of getting it right, if the appeal is a three party case, the Ninth has a 33 1/3% chance of rendering a Constitutional ruling.

    I would recommend that anyone interested in seeing what happens when liberals are packed on a court of appeal examine the 9th Circuit, which is dominated by liberals. Fortunately, litigants prejudiced by the 9th Circuit still have a potential avenue to the Supreme Court, but if the Supreme Court eventually turns out to be a mirror of the 9th Circuit, private individuals are truly good and screwed.

  11. riverlife_callie, Yes. Two different computers, Firefox and Opera. And suddenly today script errors. I don’t think the script errors have anything to do with IOTW though. My I Phone works great though.

  12. A well regulated militia = citizens of a nation.

    Back in the “old, wild west” days where everyone carried a sidearm in plain view in accordance with the constitution, without a license or permit. What specific wording in the constitution changed to prevent this?

  13. Courts have upheld bans on concealed carry almost since day one because it was considered devious.
    As a result, it would be surprising if the SCOTUS were to rule for a right to canceled carry.
    I could, though, imagine a ruling requiring that either open or concealed has to be allowed so that there exists a legal carry method.

  14. In San Fran, the 9th Circus Court would declare a dildo in yer pants a concealed weapon. Or did they mean a concealed tampon? Nevermind…

  15. “The right to keep and bear arms …”
    No mention (in my copy of the Constitution, at least) of anything about “concealed” or otherwise.

    Disarmament is the single most necessary step to tyranny – and that is why it (2A) is under such furious attacks. The Oligarchs can sense that the American people are wakening to their peril.

    izlamo delenda est …

  16. “The right of a member of the general public to carry a concealed firearm in public is not, and never has been, protected by the Second Amendment.”

    This means no one, no class of people, no cops, no private security, no Federal agents may do so by their decree.

    These judges are idiots.

    Except in VERY narrow circumstances, of which NONE apply domestically, the government possesses no rights not wholly owned by the governed. This is Constitution 101.

    Liberal fuctards and their goddamn controlling agenda. Makes my ass crave ice water.

  17. “no cops, no private security, no Federal agents may do so ”
    These are not members of the general public. They are our overlords.

  18. Yes I Can:
    That guys full of shit. “Are concealed , really concealed”. Give me a break, there’s a fine line between minimal printing and speed of draw. And the deeper you’re concealed the slower you are.


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