The American Flag Triggers “Professor” To Attack Flag Wavers

Take a gander at this Oregon Live article

Scuffle between woman and flag-waving right-wing demonstrators breaks out in Northeast Portland

A scuffle between a woman and a group of right-wing demonstrators broke out on an Interstate 84 overpass in Northeast Portland on Sunday afternoon.

The demonstrators were waving flags…

Professional MMA fighter Tara LaRosa was part of the group waving American flags and had started a livestream of the demonstration before the scuffle broke out.

“You’re antagonizing the city I live in,” she can be heard telling LaRosa.


The professor cites Trump in her breathless babble which attempts to explain why she attacked people waving American flags.

Here, let the readers of Oregon Live fisk this tripe-

-How dare Americans wave an American Flag in Red Square Portland! – Badwack

-I missed the part of “right wing” in terms of the folks waving the American flag, did the journalist confirm the identity of this group? – Jiffy Jeff

-It seems more accurate to label the professor “left-wing” since she doesn’t even approve of patriotic folks with American flags honoring veterans. As a Vietnam veteran, I really appreciate those patriots. Thank you. -New England

-This afternoon I drove across the 12th st bridge over I-84. The 20 or so men and women were peacefully waving American flags the day before Veterans Day. Why someone tried to pick a fight with them makes no sense. Is it wrong to be patriotic in Portland? -Buck

-‘The demonstrators were waving flags…’

‘“You’re antagonizing the city I live in…’

-clearest example of the problem in Portland – Beholderzeye

The professor bit LaRosa on the chest-

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  1. It’s quite a testimony to the nature of conservative Americans when a douche pump leftist assaults a trained fighter and leaves the scene virtually unscathed. Good on you Tara!

  2. “I’m a perfesser!”
    I am special… notice how the elitist in her pops right out when she’s on the losing side of a situation. Yeah, she’s special alright. Special enough to be institutionalized, but not in a school teaching others about her special brand of crazy!

  3. The left has no idea just how much they antagonize True American Patriots. These American haters should leave and go some place they care about.

  4. Tara LaRosa needs to be disinfected, STAT. She got too up close and personal to that creature.
    Also, they need to test the creature for rabies.

  5. @ Agatha Kakalogical
    But that means we have to cut its head off.

    Oh wait, I see were your going now………

  6. Ted Talk 4
    2 hours ago
    Reply to @Kwisatz Haderach: Just another beautiful day in America! Obama is gone, hillary will never be president and Epstein didn’t commit suicide

  7. Excellent response by proud boys.

    “I Can’t Breath” is BS. She was never fully pinned down flat. Just another lie. Liberals are expert at it.

    Truth matters not to Liberals who coined the term “So I lied”, and they’ve used it millions of times since the 1960’s.

  8. I had the pleasure of tackling a car thief on to the cement (many moons ago).

    After four guys had dog-piled on top of the perp to hold him down he pulled that same crap about not being able to breathe and we all said the same thing “if you can talk you can breathe”.
    After a few minutes of holding him down and “slacking in judgement” we all loosened our grip to give him more “breathing room” to the point of letting him sit up, just like they did here on the bridge.
    I let the perp know that the police would be arriving any minute and that he would be arrested, any attempt to run would result in further apprehension, up to and including physical harm. If he got injured it would be his own fault for evading arrest. A minute later he jumped and began to run, I was the first one to grab him, driving him to the ground with my arm firmly pressed against the back of his head and my body directly on top of his. Knocked some sense into him while also knocking the breath out of him. Not even a minute later a police car pulls in to the parking lot and the officer opens the door and says “Well what have we here gentlemen?” and slaps the cuffs on him.
    Never let them up!!! Never give them “room to breathe”!!!
    Hold them firmly until the officer(s) arrive and slap the cuffs on them. The perps have already proven they’re violent, don’t give them a second opportunity to be more violent or evade arrest! Even if the legal system pulls the “catch-n-release”, at least they have been appropriately removed from the scene (hand cuffs aren’t comfortable) and now have a legal record. And they’ll think twice about ever doing the same thing ever again.
    We try to play nice and not get violent nor press charges. You can hear people saying to just let her get up. NNNOOO!!!
    That only encourages more of this type of behavior.
    The only thing perps like this understand is playing by their rules. If you play by your “let’s be better than them” rules YOU LOOSE!!! WE ALL LOOSE!!!
    A woman was assaulted and Tara LaRosa was bitten because too many people throughout this “professors” life have told her “we are better than this” or “this is not how we respond” so she thinks she can get away with what she did.
    You softies need to understand this isn’t a garden party:

  9. I understand exercising restraint when confronted by crazy people. I understand using retrained force to prevent yourself from getting hurt. But if anyone ever bit into me, they would be eating their dinner through a straw for a long time while waiting for their new teeth to get fitted.

  10. Oh good grief – “A scuffle between a woman and a group of right-wing demonstrators broke out …”
    Why not write – ” A shuffle between a lefti-wing nut job TDS woman and a group of Americs loving patriots broke out…”?

  11. It’s only going to get worse for you violent totalitarian libtards, your turn to start feeling pain for your violent actions.

  12. A ‘professor’, look past the altercation, look deeper and see our future.

    The philosophy of the school room in one generation will be the
    philosophy of government in the next. -Abraham Lincoln

    All you have to do is look at the upcoming generation, we have a problem and our education system has much to do with it, it really should be deemed a national emergency. MSM, Marxist professors, globalist and democrat politicians wouldn’t have a chance if our elementary teachers did their job.

    “… and are nothing but radicalized storm troopers for the
    neo-liberal globalism agenda of the multinationals and banking
    cartels. And the sad thing is they can not even recognize their own
    status as useful idiots.”

    “… ideological trap that was set for you the day you entered kindergarten”

    Thank a teacher, educators or enemies:
    Marxism: What’s Behind America’s New Anti-Freedom Love Affair?
    Minute 2:00:

    “The product that has been in production at those facilities for
    decades is one that seeks to undermine traditional American life and

    Charlie Kirk: American universities are now ‘mob’ assembly lines …

    Thank a teacher:
    “From Mao’s cultural revolution to the Nazi Hitler Youth to the child
    soldiers of several African civil wars, the political brainwashing of
    children has produced horrific results. That the extreme left in
    today’s America is allowed to practice this form of child abuse is
    truly appalling.”

    Child Fanatics: The Left’s Contribution to the Future

    … then onto higher education:

    Thank a professor:
    American College Campuses Have Become Hate Factories, Leading toward
    Civil Violence and Martial Law… | #news

    Educators or enemies:
    “These days, the American dream is more apt to be realized in South
    America, in places such as Ecuador, Venezuela and Argentina.” – Bernie

    These people cannot exist in a Constitutional Republic that limits the
    power of government over the people.

    Thank a teacher:
    Socialism Up with Increased Ignorance
    By Onar Åm | Jul 19, 2018

    Their power is being threatened and they are quite willing to use
    violence to propagate their philosophy:

    New Study: Liberals Are Far More Likely To Commit Crime Than …

    Educators or enemies, and we are forced taxed to pay their salaries and fund their pensions while they pump out radicalized, ignorant, socialist, useful idiots.


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