The American News Media: The Propaganda Arm of Hamas

Patriot Retort: Could you imagine if the modern-day American news media was sent back in time to September 1, 1939?

I can just imagine the headline:

“Dozens of Germans killed when Polish Army opens fire on peaceful protestors crossing border.”

They’d invite “experts” on to discuss the Polish aggression. And these experts would angrily declare that Marshal Rydz-Śmigły has blood on his hands.

I know what you’re thinking.

It’s preposterous to imagine the American news media acting as a propaganda outfit for America’s enemy.

But this is exactly what the they did yesterday.

Hamas coordinated and paid Palestinians to storm the border fence with Israel.  MORE

4 Comments on The American News Media: The Propaganda Arm of Hamas

  1. Apparently the Israeli defense forces need to let some number of Israeli citizens be killed by invading Hamas before it is acceptable to defend the border.
    What is that magic number?
    Is it one? 10? 100?
    The rules for liberal outrage aren’t written down anywhere.
    Those damned Israelis won’t let their people be murdered! They are evil!

  2. Radical Islamists & the American and Western European Progressive Movement have been allies since at least the 1920’s. Fact is Hitler met with the Grand Mufti Haj Amin el Husseini in 1941 to discuss their mutual interest in liquidating the Jewish race as well as other issues in which they had a shared interest.

    The National Socialists were supported ideologically as well as financially by the American and Western European Progressive Movement as they rose in stature and consolidated their power. This alliance is nothing new. The media has served willingly as the propaganda arm of the Progressive Movement.


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