“The answer to YouTube censorship”? Bypass tyranny and censorship?

Pogo alerts us to the possible next wave in order to bypass an overnight shutdown of your business because a second party decides they don’t like you.

There are pros and cons to everything.



Real.Video provides a way for people to receive free speech videos, podcasts and documents which are specifically not hosted on any central server anywhere. Thus, they cannot be easily censored or shut down.

Content creators — i.e. independent writers, broadcasters and indy news leaders — are being invited to create channels in this system. Any videos or podcasts they publish to their channels are automatically replicated through the entire system, achieving delivery to your Windows PC, Mac laptop, Android or iPhone device. This bypasses censorship and brings you files which you can then archive for long-term safety and privacy.

We already have many top indy media channels that have confirmed their participation, including:

  • Natural News
  • InfoWars
  • Next News Network
  • Activist Post
  • SGT Report
  • The Gateway Pundit

Note that what these channels all have in common is that they are being mercilessly targeted for censorship and termination by YouTube / Google and other techno-tyrants.

If you are an indy media content creator and would like to have a channel, simply request an invitation at Real.Video.

Free to end users and free to content creators

Most astonishingly, we have been able to engineer this system with such efficiencies that we will not need to charge anyone to use it. To confirm: Content creators can use the system for free, and end users can also use the system for free.

The reason this is possible is because we aren’t paying for much bandwidth, since the topology of the p2p sharing ecosystem relies on “peer bandwidth” to achieve file replication. In other words, the very people using the system are the ones providing the bandwidth that’s needed.

D.Tube and Bitchute.com are up-and-coming video alternatives to YouTube. I encourage you to check them out, in fact. Notably, Real.Video does not compete with these two organizations. It coexists with them as a unique, novel way to distribute video files without requiring the use of any central server whatsoever.


14 Comments on “The answer to YouTube censorship”? Bypass tyranny and censorship?

  1. Hope it takes off. We’ll know it’s a success when the media start a coordinated campaign to portray Real.video as a haven for white supremacists, child molesters and Russian bots.

  2. “Let’s invent ‘the wheel’! And, since we can do it any way we want, let’s make it rectangular.”

    “You mean square?”

    “No. Rectangular.”


    “Inviolable” data (because it’s replicated and accessed by identity, not location) has been done. Many times.

    “Inviolable” data (because it’s replicated and accessed by identity, not location), and is stored and accessed “anonymously” (so they say, so they try) has been done. A few times.

    “Resilient” data (because it’s whispered about in a darkened room, so it remains available as long as someone keeps “pedaling the generator”) has been done a few ways. In very few places.

    “But will it work on my iPhone? While I read with my pants around my ankles?”
    I don’t know. And I don’t care to check.


    The intentions may be good. The tech is, at best, undescribed. And what is described is… “charming”. I feel like Hillary’s telling me how smaht she is for setting up her own, “private”, communications server. And I’m waiting for the tip of the cutting edge tech hand, and I’m waiting, and (shake my head) well, “Good luck with that”.

  3. It’s time for all social media to be brought under Monopoly legislation. That is just too much arbitrary power in the hands of a few ideologues to choose who’s free speech is to be curbed.

  4. This is the net so don’t get your panties in a twist. Grounds here are always subject to playground behavior, it’s an inherent trait. Go off and talk to one of these SJWs that were brought up in an environment of playground behavior until the age 25. In real life it’s not hard to sway the impressionable.. Get offline, go out and shake hands and change opinions with factual information because that’s where it happens, not behind a keyboard. Plenty of liberals in my life and every single day I chop at each and every one of them, patience does pay off.

  5. I don’t know about the tech or viability, but I totally embrace the idea of liberty minded individuals using other platforms that bypass the liberal censors at YoureATubeSteak, Fakebook and others.

    The more of this the better.

  6. Anonymous, don’t knock old tech. The battleship Bismarck was sunk by obsolete biplane torpedo bombers which flew so slowly that the modern range calculators of the Bismarck AA could not compute a solution. Sometimes, symmetrical warfare takes unexpected forms.

  7. Yay! A new system, once it is up and running Google will pay huge for it, ReaL.Video will sell and we’re back at square one right be fore the 2020 election, can’t wait!

  8. I’m not sure I want to download videos to watch them.
    Sometimes I start to watch a video and turn it off after 20 seconds and start up a different one.

  9. @BFH March 7, 2018 at 10:19 pm

    > I’m not sure I want to download videos to watch them.

    Depending on the underlying storage system, that may not be a problem.


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