The Armed Citizen – Oct 2015

Elderly man shoots suspected burglar inside home

An elderly man shot a suspected burglar inside a Phoenix home. The homeowner, a 60-year-old man, was home alone when he heard someone in his back yard and then glass breaking. As he saw the suspect enter the home through a window the man warned the suspect he had a gun…MORE

Former marine stops four thugs during home invasion

Four teenagers were in custody Monday in connection with an attempted home invasion in Hewitt that was thwarted when the former Marine whose home the teens targeted opened fire through the front door at the would-be intruders…MORE

Elderly man shoots burglar trying to rob wife in east side home

An alleged burglary attempt was stopped when an elderly man shot an armed intruder, police said. The suspect allegedly pointed a gun at the head of an elderly female resident in the home during the robbery attempt. The woman’s husband then appeared from the back of the house and fired his weapon…MORE

Dayton woman finds herself needing her gun for the second time in two years

A home invasion turns deadly after a Dayton woman reportedly shoots an intruder. And this is the second time she’s opened fire in her home. The woman heard someone breaking in to her Richmond Avenue home. First, he tried a downstairs window then climbed through one upstairs…MORE

Alleged bank robber points gun at armed elderly customer, gets shot

A bank customer in Warren acted within his rights when he opened fire on a bank robber, according to the city’s mayor. The assailant entered the bank with a gun and had procured “a large amount” of cash from the bank when, on the way out, he appears to have threatened a 63-year-old customer with his gun…MORE

Sheriff: 72-year-old man tied up in home invasion gets free, grabs gun

A 72-year-old man who was tied up in a home invasion robbery by two women managed to get free, grab his gun and send one of the suspects running from his home, according to deputies…MORE

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  1. I thought the same thing. I’m just a couple months from 60, if anyone calls me elderly I’ll beat them with my walker.

  2. That all depends (no pun intended). I feel young mentally. Physically, well, that’s another story. Decades of work in wood products mills, and subsequent work on rivers, creeks, and at sea have me pretty wore out, not to mention the broken bones and arthritis. The cancer didn’t help either. I’m pushing 59, and feel like I’m 70. At the Local Kroeger store, I went to purchase an AR 15 on sale, and was happily surprised to find it was senior day, and I got an additional hundred bucks off! I’m not complaining. How’s that for a short answer? 🙂

  3. Being 60+ is the new forty. I’m 62 and in reasonable health and I don’t feel like I’m that old. I still feel like I’m a lot younger although my daughter thinks I’m getting to geezer status because I have a tendency to tell the same old stories over and over like my 86 year old Dad and my late Father in law. And I have old guy syndrome, I pee a lot more than I used to. Old guys and gals rule!

  4. At 60, I am middle aged.
    There would be far fewer crimes like these if the retaliation was given more coverage.
    Most people, criminals included, think people fighting back is rare, or doesn’t exist.

  5. To add to this: Since I retired (I am currently 65) I once again took up the game of bowling. I now bowl better than I ever did in my ‘prime’, carrying a solid 197 average, and give my 30 something son a real run for his money! Elderly indeed!!

  6. Did you all notice that neither the video nor the printed story mentioned the name of the perp. No photo either. Hmmm.

  7. It’s a top secret location where they also have an automotive section, a garden center, and a sporting goods section. They always have a great selection of “popular” firearms. There’s a pharmacy, bank, jewelry store, eye glasses place, and a florists shop. Unfortunately Starbucks is there as well. Now that you mention it, Kroegers welcomes gun owners, but Starbucks does not. Hmmm? Most folks don’t call it Kroegers here, but I guess they do, way east of here on the North left coast. “Fred Meyer”.
    Oh yeah, I sold that gun.

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