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The Arsonist Fireman

PatriotRetort– Barack Obama is like the fireman who commits arson so that he can ride to the scene and save the day. And tomorrow, the arsonist fireman will be riding to Dallas ostensibly to put out the fire he had a hand in igniting.

It’s called Hero Homicide Complex.

The arsonist fireman. The nurse who injects a patient with a drug that gives him a heart attack so that she can save his life. The president who fans the flames of racial division that erupts into violence so that he can fly to the scene and call for unity and calm.

It’s pathological.

I used to think Obama was just so deeply incompetent that he had no idea that his own actions and words were the equivalent of striking a match over gasoline-soaked rags.

But after the last few years too many events have occurred for me to think this is just incompetence.

Why would Obama be invited to speak at the memorial for the five police officers murdered during a Black Lives Matter rally?

Aside from the fact that the mayor of Dallas is a Democrat, I have no idea.

To me, it’s like asking the guy who burnt your house down to house-sit your new home while you go on vacation.  MORE

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  1. Yup, the Kennedy’s were also masters of this. Garry Wills wrote a book about it (“The Kennedy Imprisonment: A Meditation on Power,” 1982). One of the best, most useful books I have ever read in my life–I realized that my boss at the time had this same complex, as have many bosses I’ve had since then. It explained quite a bit.

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