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The Art of Going Around the Media

PatriotRetort: I have to say, one of the reasons I have come to admire Donald Trump is he is an expert at going around the media.

The Enslaved Press have fancied themselves the Gatekeepers. Nobody is allowed to speak to the American people unless they first go through them.

Several years ago, a guy by the name of Doug Urbanski was filling in for a vacationing Rush Limbaugh. Ordinarily, unless the guest host is Mark Steyn, I don’t listen to Rush guest hosts.

But I was bored, and decided to give Urbanski a listen.

He was discussing the problem conservatives face with a thoroughly biased Enslaved Press. And his solution was simple.

Go over their heads. Go around them. Act as if they do not matter.

Because the truth is, they don’t.

Simple, yes. Yet it is something Republicans cannot figure out.  more

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  1. Ron Reagan used to do this when he was in the White House. And I think Trump knows The Deplorables who voted for him don’t want or need Gatekeepers. He was good at baiting the MSM while on the campaign trail. He should keep it up while in office, make them look like the fools they are.

  2. Don’t underestimate the Dept. of Propaganda.

    Even in Goebbels’s day, it was understood that Propaganda had to be augmented by terror. We ain’t out of the woods, yet. We’ve just taken a compass reading and hired a new guide. “There’s many a slip ‘twixt the cup and the lip.”

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. I’ve talked to a few people that were pretty strong nonTrumpers (not as bad as NeverTrumpers) that are becoming surprised and impressed with how competently President Elect Trump is performing. He is winning over some people that a month ago were a part of the opposition.

  4. The people that listen to the alphabets are the same people that use the NYT & WaPo as news sources. Everything Trump is doing has a negative spin put on it by these assholes. I get the NYT first draft every morning and very very rarely is anything underway by Trump reported positively. It makes their increasingly smaller circle jerk happy I guess but the fire is out and they’re down to smoke & glowing embers.

    And soon they’ll be nothing then that famous ash heap of history.

    Someone in an earlier thread said they’re tuning in occasionally for the sheer comedy and I find myself doing the same thing.

    I remember Reagan going around them as Jarhead mentioned. He never had a Republican House and only a Republican Senate for a few years yet he got the largest tax rate decrease in history by speaking directly to us.

  5. I laughed out loud when Chris Cuomo on CNN, told us it was illegal for us deplorables to view Hillary’s emails on Wikileaks. But it was legal for him to view them and let us know what was in them.
    Is this fucking guy for real?

  6. (Use Steve Irwin Voice)
    “Crikey, there he goes, watch him now he bites. Look at the awesome head of hiar. That’s the American Self-Made Man. Look at him there, he’s a real man about town. Watch him use his awesome primate problem solving skills to virtually nullify the mediah!
    There he goes! He uses his mastery of modern social mediah to bypass the buggers entirely.”

  7. Outlaw? That’s your handle with a fucking comment like that? I’m thinking more “inlaw” in re to my creepy ultra REgressive sister’s husband.

  8. “Simple, yes. Yet it is something Republicans cannot figure out.”

    Ahh, YES. *I* remember the Republicans.
    They were a political Party once, right?

  9. Maybe now we can finally put that tedious tradition, the WH press conference, to bed. New vid at x time on y date on FB. Tune in with the rest of America. Then write what you will, it’ll be old news by then.

  10. Outlaw? More like “Drive-by.”

    He’ll slam Trump then scurry back to the echo chamber known as the Right Scoop comments section where he will brag about how he really told us all off.

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