The Atlanta Mayor Almost Gets It Right, but Doesn’t

*Correction*: I stated the Atlanta PD detective would have charged Rayshard Brooks with ten felonies, I should have said ten counts, some felonies. Not all felonies, but you get the idea.

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  1. Does this person have a voice louder than mine?

    She does, but only by force of microphone?

    Then, uh, I have nothing to give.

  2. One thing never ever mentioned is the responsibility of blacks figured into the bargain. Everything is a one way street. Why can’t they ever be held socially responsible and held accountable.

  3. My History lesson for today.
    Look up Riots in the USA 1965-2020
    Note the cause,
    Note the “victims history”,
    Note the Year/timing in relation to Political issues,
    Note the estimated damages / looting that happened,
    Note the Percentages of Blacks vs. White Rioter/Looters,
    Note how the media added to the incitement with initially wrong data,
    Note how quickly the Race Baiting, out of state, Pimps showed up,
    Note 5,10,&20+ yrs later how the rioted area has failed to recover,
    Note the destroyed areas economic area then vs now.
    Note how the Democrat Party pandered to the situation,
    Note the resulting increases in Blacks voting Democrat.
    Note if the city was Democrat vs. Conservative controlled,

    My quick research findings.
    Riots seem to happen at politically needed times.
    Riots destroy the black community.
    Black employment in the rioted areas decline for 10 to 15+ years. Successful Property sales & values drop over 31%,
    National retailers tend to move further out to effected area.
    Quality shopping is further out.
    Metro Areas extend bus services to the new retail locations.
    New shopping areas declined in 10-12 years.

    (eg. Atlanta MART places bus stop next to Gwinnett Mall. In 4 years shoppers quit after dark shopping, Retailers leave due to increased gangs and large drops in retail sales vs. problem issues.

    Also look up Watts, Ferguson, Baltimore and etc….

    Metro city crime is like a Virus. Creeping and spreading further and further out to the once safe suburbs.


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