The Atlantic Publishes Article About Big Time Hollywood Director Who is Alleged To Have Had Sex With Underage Boys For Decades

Bryan Singer, the director for The Usual Suspects, Apt Pupil, X-Men, and most recently, Bohemian Rhapsody, has been accused by a litany of men of molestation. They say they were young boys. (One was 13.)

Some say they were willing participants, and said they were passed around to other older Hollywood perverts.

#Pizzagate anyone?

One of the names that keeps appearing in the article is Brad Renfro.(Although it doesn’t connect him to any sexual misconduct.) Renfro died of a heroin overdose at the age of 25. One wonders if the “Singer scene” was a contributing factor.

Rough story HERE


17 Comments on The Atlantic Publishes Article About Big Time Hollywood Director Who is Alleged To Have Had Sex With Underage Boys For Decades

  1. I’ve been hearing this creep’s name come up with sex assault allegations for a while now. I didn’t know it was with children. UGH!

  2. The weight of “Russian collusion” demands a two year investigation. Video evidence of a Hollywood director drugging and molesting teenage boys produces crickets.

    Every Hollyweirdo in his movies knows Singer is a pedo and they work with him anyway. Roman Polanski should have it so good.

  3. A pervert in Hollyweird?
    Say it ain’t so!

    Every politician, every cop, every mother, every father, and every other kid knows the sick “secrets” of the Hollyweird perverts – and do nothing about it because of MONEY.

    Don’t even need Satan to buy souls in California!

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. @Max T Waters; the Atlantic may be a lefty rag but if they are printing a story about the allegation then If I were Singer I’d be sweating buckets. The Atlantic would be far more likely to protect a creep like him then print a story calling attention to rumors of his illegal sexual activity with minors. I suspect that there are a number of other Hollywood types that may also be worried about this story. The cops need to conduct a real investigation however you have to figure they’ll be blocked by powerful Hollywood executive types that operate from the shadows. Having said that, it is Hollywood so you have to wonder where the pics and videos of the felonies are.

  5. Shouldn’t be a surprise about the underage boys.

    The entire Homo sexual emphasis is on youth and beauty, something best fulfilled by very young males (underage boys). Lesbians are oriented a little bit in that direction too, but nowhere near as much (they actually tend to have higher standards than homosexual males).

  6. An incurious person would conclude that this is what homosexuals do, provided they have the power and the opportunity and the confidence that even if caught, they won’t be revealed by the media nor prosecuted by law enforcement.

    It’s who they are, isn’t it.

  7. Hollywood has been a pervert’s palace since Roscoe Conkling “Fatty” Arbuckle knocked the bottom out of Rappe by rape.
    Three trials and not guilty, Jim Williams matched him and did one trial more for that not guilty.
    Jim and Kevin,
    sittin’ in a tree,

  8. Did he lure the boys with his chimpanzee like Micheal Jackson or did he just offer to show the boys his bunny rabbit with the funny pink nose by pulling his pants pockets inside out and pointing between them?

  9. Hope this POS loser get put in general population when he gets locked up so he can know what its like to belong to Bubba and then get passed around.

    Unfortunately in today’s Amerikka you get as much “justice” as you can buy and with enough money you get the whole trifecta of corruption with a dirty lawyer/prosecutor/judge to ensure that the worst thing that happens is they get a vacation at a “special” pedophile prison that holds nothing but them so that their time behind bars remains magical.

    I know all about those “special” prisons because they built a brand new one in the deep woods of NH and every time one of these pieces of human filth gets released they go to the half-way house right in the middle of the state and then STAY in NH and practice their disgusting acts on children here instead of being shipped back to where they came from.

    In the last 10 years NH has been overrun with “reformed” pedophiles thanks to this “special” prison and the accompanying child molestations that inevitably follow these losers once cut loose into the public keep happening here more and more so if you have children or HATE pedophiles do NOT move to NH!

  10. Where are the muslims to extract revenge on the enemies of Allah?

    Can’t wait for the gay community to protest muslims for their anti-gay laws.

    Get your popcorn and splatter shields.

  11. Maybe he’s protected from up on high, by the prince of darkness…

    il papa? 😳


  12. Queers are foul. They frequent basements, alleyways, and cheap hotels, which are also the favorite locations of rats and cockroaches.

  13. “They frequent basements, alleyways, and cheap hotels, which are also the favorite locations of rats and cockroaches.”

    For 8 years they “frequented” the White House. They also “frequent” the House and the Senate. Not to mention Hollyweird, Madison Ave., Boston, New York, Chicago, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, “Palestine,” Afghanistan, Kuwait, &c., &c., &c.

    Satan leaves his (skid) marks everywhere.

    izlamo delenda est …

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