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The Attention Hogg Shaman

PATRIOT RETORT: Yesterday, America’s least favorite attention Hogg interfered with an official proceeding in the US Senate when he began shouting like a dangerous extremist and had to be escorted from the room by Capitol Police.

This is sedition and an insurrection and a direct threat to our democracy and … and … and … I’m literally shaking right now!

And here you thought we were rid of this shameless attention Hogg went he managed to get accepted to Harvard University despite being an inarticulate, pencil-necked, sunken-chested white guy.

And for a while, it certainly seemed like his 15 minutes of fame were over.

Remember in 2020 when he ran a Twitter poll to see if people wanted him to post daily videos with his thoughts on the election? More than 90 thousand people voted in his poll and over 80% of them voted No.

But Congress is debating gun control again. So David thinks now is the time to breathe life back into his long-decomposing 15 minutes. more

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  1. This guy is to be condemned because of the actions of the Capitol Police ?
    How come NONE of the Capitol Police have been held into account ?
    How did Ashli Barrett die?

    Will stupid cxkr Liz Cheney address that question?

    Or is she too busy hating Trump?

  2. It was probably for a class assignment at Harvard. Or maybe his Doctoral thesis. I wish I was joking, but these days…

  3. Can’t sell pillows so he has being an insufferable ass to fall back on. He wouldn’t know the working end of a gun if it sat on his face.

  4. Nicholas Cruz’s trial is in the witness testimony phase.
    Students who were actually involved in the massacre are testifying, sans the dramatic fanfare ala Hogg.

    Will no one ask Hogg why he isn’t testifying, or in the very least sitting in the courtroom in support of his “fellow victims”? I mean he never failed to remind us how traumatized he was.

  5. Being accepted into Harvard nowadays is like winning the Nobel Peace Prize – doesn’t mean shit.

  6. This also highlights the two tier justice system. Hogg does this and gets no punishment. But when someone like Owen Shroyer did the same exact thing.a few years ago he ended up in the DC jail for hours and is still fighting a court case today. So if you are Code Pink or Hogg or S!eve Colbert’s staff you have free reign to interrupt, trespass etc. It couldn’t be more stark than it is today how privileged the left is.

  7. Read a story about the little brownshirt some years ago that stated his mother had told him “you’re a fucking star now, run with it”. The little communist bastard certainly listened to her, it seems.

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