The average Venezuelan Lost 24lbs as Maduro got fatter

DANGEROUS: 90 percent of Venezuelans have been hurled into poverty as the resource-rich nation continues to undergo food shortages and a staggering economic crisis.

Now, a new report shows the average Venezuelan lost 24 pounds of body weight in 2017.

On Wednesday, three universities published an annual independent survey of Venezuelan citizens. It is being hailed as one of the most accurate research ventures in the socialist nation, managing to circumvent the government’s lockdown on free press, Reuters reports. The study confirmed Venezuela’s hunger and poverty have skyrocketed in recent years.

Venezuelans surveyed told researchers 60 per cent have woken up hungry without enough money to buy food in just the past 3 months. 25 per cent of Venezuelan people are surviving on two or fewer meals a day.

Food riots have plagued the nation for years, including a horrifying video that emerged earlier this year of a group of starving Venezuelans beating a cow to death with rocks.

The researchers studied 6,168 subjects between the ages of 20 and 65 throughout the country of 30 million people. The same three universities showed weight loss due to poverty is on the rise from 2016 when people lost over 17.5 pounds that year.

Socialist President Hugo Chavez gloated about improving Venezuela with oil-dependent welfare policies when he came into power in 1999. The downward trend of global oil prices lead to a deep recession that began in 2013 under the reign of Chavez’s  successor, President Nicolas Maduro.

The new study revealed that between hyperinflation and government controlled food imports, common Venezuelans’ diets lack protein and necessary vitamins. Basic dietary staples, like flour, are rationed which people in bread lines wait hours to receive.  MORE HERE

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  1. This isn’t funny.This can happen in the USA because of the socialist DEMS. We need to fight this socialist in the USA this people in the USA don’t have no idea what is to go to somethings like this , this socialist DEMS only want everyone to be the same and get free stuff. But believe me it doesn’t work this way


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