The Battle of Athens, Tennessee

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The next time someone on the left declares that you don’t need guns to protect yourself from your own government, ask if they’ve ever heard of the Battle of Athens, in 1946.

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  1. I had not known about the Battle of Athens until today but it is a good reminder why we need an armed populace. Despicable people are everywhere.

  2. Also, remind folks of police confiscation of guns during hurricane Katrina. Action of some policemen was inexcusable. They went after innocent gun owners at the same time they were afraid to go after black criminals.

  3. saw this in a comment somewhere and found its simplicity eloquent
    “fearing the local deer population might suddenly become tyrannical, the founding fathers hastily drafted the 2nd amendment”

  4. If you’re interested in the civil rights history of the NRA go to the Michael Knowles show link given in the post above.

  5. Great story there in Athens, of power-hungry DEMOCRAPS… run amok… 😳

    And the AMERICANS, who took their county and free elections, BACK! 😎

  6. I got pulled over in Athens twenty years ago. Cop was trying to hide his black doors and bubble gum machines behind a huge spreading oak tree. I spotted him a quarter mile away and checked to make sure I was doing the speed limit. I was, but he pulled me over anyway. I was driving a rental from Georgia, and he was looking hard for something to hang on me. He finally gave me a ticket for speeding in a school zone. In July . On a Sunday. Some things never change, I reckon.

  7. The establishment control at the National Level needs the same scrutiny.
    FBI and DOJ … if you control the evidence you control the outcome. Hillary and Lois Lerner agree.

    BS Investigations and BS hearings.

    Where are the Grand Juries, indictments and prosecutions?

    Or will they all get the establishment umbrella of protection and a big retirement package?

  8. I guess we’re gonna need a re-run of this event on a national level to make a point. and, there’s gonna be a lot of melty melt snowflakes soon.

  9. Ah, “The friendly city”… not a bad place these days but a rediculous amount of homeless considering the small size of it.

  10. @Thirdtwin: You should have told the cop you were driving a rental from Athens, Georgia
    and that it was a sister city to Athens, Tennessee. Maybe he would have cut you a break.

    Hey – anything’s worth a try.



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