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The Battle of the Mind; A Spiritual Battle

This is a video of a woman who came to a protest in London. Be sure you listen to the end when she talks about funerals. Very interesting.

h/t Dadof4

Watch video HERE.

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  1. C’mon, preach it sister!!

    I’ve been a little confused by some evangelical ministers who dismiss the jab requirements and gov’ts moving toward indefinite lock-ups, “camps”, and “passports” to travel, to buy/sell, etc., as not being Revelation’s mark of the beast. But, I don’t know, I felt very sure about it some months ago. I mean, what is missing from today’s reality about how gov’ts are exploiting this (especially the ones who are not allowing the un-jabbed to enter grocery stores) and the outcome of the beast mark? There’s no difference at all.

    On the other hand, I am hearing ministers who up ’til now have been staunchly philosophical about their ministries, who are now getting down to the business at hand and naming names. Some rather surprising changes going on for them. They are really picking up the pace as they hand out life vests and lead people to the lifeboats.

    This is and has always been a spiritual battle in the heavenly places against the darkness of the world.

    A very good indicator is the increasing world-wide persecution of Christians. Things are ratcheting up.

  2. Thanks for posting, Claudia and thanks to Dadof4 for the tip. She is a powerful and effective speaker. This IS a spiritual battle we are in. Keep praying for a Great Awakening.

  3. She sounds like people I know, including my wife. You get her going and she could speak right along side that lady in the U.K. The mark of the beast, and increasing counts of funerals. Very well will be our reality. There’s people around me, and probably all of us, that are dealing with health issues that have come up in the last 8-12 months.

  4. Wow Claudia, great video. I’ve heard the vaccine actually lowers your immunity and takes away the protectants that you have naturally.

    It’s scary to know so many are disillusioned to this misinformation. I work with so many lost souls that will do anything to make the Government happy. Vaccine after vaccine, after vaccine. It has to stop.

    God Bless us all!!

    Say your prayers everyday!!

  5. She is absolutely right.
    We are and have been in a spiritual battle.
    When Trump was elected I know Christians who were all high and mighty with his personality, his past, etc. I remind people that God has always used flawed people (are there any other kind?) to do His work.
    Trump brought God and Jesus back to the WH in a bold manner. The country was blessed for it. He exposed the dark hearts of the swamp rats.
    They had to do something to stop him.
    They are who Satan is working through.
    God is still greater. Remember that.
    Pray and believe no matter what the world tells you.

    I hope more people like this wonderful woman come out and speak up.


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