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The Best Damn Comments of the Day

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  1. Vallibus on Salon

    White people still make up 75 percent of the population of the United States and include an astounding diversity of ethnic and regional cultures, religious affiliation (or lack thereof), ages, income levels, political attitudes, gender and sexual orientation. Large numbers of white people would not be considered especially “privileged” beyond the lexicon of P.C. propaganda. How “privileged” are the Appalachian poor, the unemployed factory workers of the Rust Belt or the bullied teens in some jock-centric hell of a working class high school? Far less “privileged”, I would imagine, than the professional students and freelance journalists who prattle endlessly about “white privilege”.

  2. Greetings!

    Here’s my comment for today:

    If at first American Patriots don’t succed, POLDS (Progressives, Obots, Leftists, Dumbed-downers, socialists/communists) will.


  3. Comment on some black bigot’s essay on Salon about a writing workshop being planned at the site of an old plantation.
    The black essayist went on and on and on about stupid white people.


    If no one can participate in an event at a venue that has a compromised past, where the f*ck can we hold a workshop?

    And bringing Miley Cyrus up again? Because she did a dance move that only black people are allowed to do? Give me a break. If no one is allowed to do a dance move that didn’t originate among their own skin color, we’ve lost all common sense.

  4. From “Physicians For A National Health Program,” PNHP< (

    Insurance Industry

    "The need for private insurance would be eliminated. One single payer bill currently in the house (H.R.1200) would provide one percent of funding for retraining displaced insurance workers during its first few years of implementation."

    How's that for progressiveism?

  5. How “privileged” are the Appalachian poor, the unemployed factory workers of the Rust Belt or the bullied teens in some jock-centric hell of a working class high school? Far less “privileged”, I would imagine, than the professional students and freelance journalists who prattle endlessly about “white privilege”.

    And how privileged are the whites and LEGAL CITIZENS who for the last 2-6 DECADES, have paid the tsaxes that paid the bills (including) the FREE SCHOOL and FREE HEALTH CARE for ALL the fukcing ILLEGAL ALIENS === only to have their property taxes go higher and put them out of their own home and after the #AMNESTY, the newmericans will get preferential treatment with incentives to buy up “those old house that are just sitting there”


  6. No libtard is going to drop the pretense of “white privilege” because to do so would require an acknowledgment of other trends, such as “white ingenuity,” “white work ethic,” “white social structure,” etc.

    Growing up, I was part of a family unit that was not wealthy by any stretch of the imagination. However, we lived miles better than a welfare family for a variety of reasons: 1) my parents were MARRIED; my dad wasn’t some pussy who let my mother twist in the wind after he knocked her up. 2) My father ran his own business from the third bedroom of our three-bedroom house, and was frequently in his office typing out invoices until 2 a.m. 3) When business conditions deteriorated around 1970, my mother went to work as a bank teller after 15 years of full-time homemaking; later, she took a second part-time job as a bookkeeper. And dad had to suck it up and go work for someone else in 1973. 4) We spent our money on important basic things like food, clothing, shelter, and health care. We did not blow entire paychecks on gold jewelry, $200 sneakers, tatoos, and electronic gadgets.

    Obama: “You didn’t build that.” Yeah, well, who DID, you racist, enabled-by-lamestream-media piece of crap?

  7. Mohammed’s pink swastika

    “…unless this new border region is no longer the United States of America they cannot take away constitutional rights.”

    “So, let’s recap. CITIZENS within 100 miles of the border are eligible for a police check. But a van full of alleged immigrants are not subject to being checked for their citizenship eligibility!?!

    Gawd, I can’t imagine why any American would be paranoid that the federal government does not have their best interest in mind…”
    Constitution Free Zones

  8. There is a whole tribe of people in America who spend their money on what they want and then beg for what they need. (I read that somewhere)

  9. Any comment in the comments section from AA’s bullpen post “#Liberalism in 4 words”. They are hilarious.

    Beta Males in Onsies
    You Earn We Take
    Let Them Eat Cake….and more.

  10. “We hold these truths to be self-evident,” the family’s patriarch, Phil Robertson, says in one of the four new ads. “That all men are created equal and that they’ve been endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights. Those are rights that no government can take from you. To live, be free and pursue happiness.”

    “Do you know what makes me happy, ladies and gentlemen?” he adds. “To blow a mallard drake’s head smooth off.”

    Here’s the ad:

  11. Sad comment:

    The great New York Conservative talk show host, Bob Grant, passed away on New Year’s Eve. R.I.P. He was 84 and had been ill for some time. Great guy. I spoke with him once. My honor.

  12. from: Michael Bloomberg in retirement — The curtain goes up. Enter the devil, stage left. Exit, the big finish in Act V.

    “…Once someone has decided that he has a right to rob you of your liberty, your property and even your life, the difference is only one of degree and opportunity. Whether it is a street criminal or a bloody-handed tyrant, the principle is the same. Indeed, the psychology is virtually identical. The difference between the mugger and proto-tyrants like Bloomberg is merely one of scale, and Bloomberg operates on a vaster stage because that is what his own psychology requires. Monumental egos need monumental goals to satisfy them. The petty criminal may be satisfied with your wallet. A constitutional criminal like Bloomberg — a prospective thief of an entire people’s liberty, property and life — requires more. And more. And more. As James Manson, the fictional London banker and industrialist in Frederick Forsyth’s The Dogs of War said:

    “Knocking off a bank or an armoured truck is merely crude. Knocking off an entire republic has, I feel, a certain style.”

    found @

  13. @ Anonimouse. Funny you should ask. Matter of fact she did. But they were shipped off to your Grandmas house before I was born. We keep in touch though.
    My Brother tells me that your momma had a rough tumble with an illegal Bulgarian gypsey in the front seat of a Ford 150 and you emerged from that tussle. Trouble is that the better part of you ran down the gypsy’s leg. We may be related so keep in touch. Maybe we’ll do a DNA test some day.

  14. To Homo ToM. Too late asstard, I said it first. You are indeed a childish bore.Go somewhere else. You are boring.

  15. Then why didn’t you think of it asswipe? I stole it from Lee Marvin in the movie “Death Hunt.” Now go to bed and stop pestering the adults.

  16. Instead of calling for the prosecution of Edward Snowden maybe just maybe we should be concentrating on the failings of his superiors ability to detect the fact that he was accessing and downloading super serious stuff.

  17. Commenter Woodyee:
    Unlike Chik-fil-A and the Robertsons, the B.S. of A bent over and grabbed the ankles, surrendering the most precious gift entrusted to them, our youth, to the deviant sexual proclivities of a vocal few. I think money may have had something to do with it, with regards to the frivolous lawsuits they fought. It didn’t help that the media would focus on demented kids and adults, fraudulently enlisting in the B.S. of A., posing with their rainbow signs on television.

    But support was there for them, on a large scale, primarily from within their ranks and the Churches and parents and other supporters outside the Scouts, that stood by them. The Scouts turned their backs on all of them. Cowards. To heck with the B.S. of A.

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