‘The Big Bang Theory’ Threatens to Dethrone Sunday Night Football as TV’s Most Watched Show

Breitbart: In every office, every corporate executive suite, and every law firm across this great land, the men who had got pantsed and received numerous swirlies at the hands of jocks in high school finally have their chance at redemption against their brawny tormentors.

According to a press release from CBS, “The Big Bang Theory,” the brainy sitcom which references pyramids and autotrophs in its theme song, beat out NBC’s Sunday Night Football as the top-rated, live, primetime same day show. For the past five years Sunday Night Football had owned that coveted, top spot.  MORE

20 Comments on ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Threatens to Dethrone Sunday Night Football as TV’s Most Watched Show

  1. “Brainy”? Its plotline consists of getting sex. I get that’s infused into everything these days, but when that’s your whole premise rather than an element, it just shows lack of imagination.

  2. I’ve never watched The Big Bang Theory and I’m an old school nerd. I just think that it’s stupid and I agree with Lisl it’s mainly about trying to get laid. But what sitcom isn’t about sex or perversion anymore? I don’t watch much TV, give me a book any day over most of the garbage on TV. I do admit that I watch too much stuff on The Discovery Channel.

  3. Hey, trying to get laid is an important part of a nerd’s life, you know!

    …Uh, at least that’s what one of my nerd friends told me, anyway. Not that I would otherwise know…


  4. It may have degenerated into that over the years, but what show hasn’t? When it first started out, it was pretty interesting. But then again, an original premise does go stale after ten years or so until the next thing you know, your show’s star has to jump a a shark on a motorcycle to maintain interest

    On the other hand, it does feature a genuine Orthodox Jewish girl, Mayim Bialik, as one of the female leads. Here she is in a video for a YouTube Series called “Yid Life Crisis” She’s pretty funny here


  5. Whether it’s Big Bang Theory or some other show the key is the fact that the NFL is losing it’s dominant edge. I imagine there is a lot of shaking in the boots of the TV execs, the team owners suites and the NFL NYC boardrooms and big contract players. If a point of no return has been reached and the audiences continue to drop the NFL (meaning the owners and the players and to a degree the NFL Inc) stand to lose tens, if not hundreds of millions of dollars in ad revenue, tv rights, commissions and merchandize. This drop may have happened anyway but the owners, players and management will remember the day it all started and who it started with.

  6. What “sitcom” isn’t silly? My daughter says the nerds she works with all love the show because they do use a lot of technical consultants to double check the jargon and banter for authenticity.

    As for football, the plot NEVER changes, the glorification of allegedly grown men playing children’s games is far more insulting to me than the silliest sitcom.

  7. If the NFL’s popularity is on the wane it’s because most of the players are black. Yeah, I said it. Getting white boys to idolize black men whose group appears to include more wifebeaters and felons than decent men gets more difficult as the boys grow up.

    The Big Bang Theory is about sex: Sheldon gets the homo segment and Penny gets the normal guys as well as the females who love to watch Penny wisecrack the guys.

  8. Hey NFL, guess this is what happens when you allow your players to take a knee during the national anthem. Anyway, I’d rather watch Kaley Cuoco on screen than watch a bunch of uneducated thug niggers chase a fuckin football around a field.

  9. I tried watching the BBT a few times. I found some of the humor crude, but not a crude and vulgar as Two Broke Girl-Sluts. That show is unwatchable for anyone but the most sophomoric mind.

    NFL reaps what it let get sown with the BLM BS. I hope it costs them dearly

  10. The Left destroys everything it touches.

    The NFL is just another victim of its own Leftist infiltration/infestation.

    Hiring tatted-up violent felon thugs as players was just another symptom of the disease.

    Every aspect of mass entertainment is affected.

    There’s a huge void and an economic market not being met for non-Left news and non-Left entertainment. Opportunities abound.
    Capitalism will find a way and alternatives will be created.
    It’s going to be an amazing renaissance and rebirth in this country and the Western world.

    MAGA! And happy 2017.

  11. I like “The Americans” on TV. I haven’t watched an NFL game in probably twenty years. The sight of down-low ghetto thugs performing their little dance routines in the end zone after a touchdown was just too much for me. I couldn’t stop thinking about how long they must have practiced their little chorus line antics so they could fulfill their real dreams of making it on Broadway. Damn, I miss the days of Tom Landry, Bob Lilly, Walt Garrison and Ed “Too Tall” Jones.

  12. Can’t say as I’ve ever watched either.
    Pop culture passing me by!
    Oh my!

    I should be sad, but I don’t give a fuck – maybe that should make me sad, too.

    izlamo delenda est …

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