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The BIG BANG you just heard was progressive heads


Kaley Cuoco, the star of Big Bang Theory, is a fan of traditional gender roles.

Isn’t it a shame that in 2014 this makes a headline?

Isn’t it a shame that feminists went from working to normalize a life where a woman carved out a non-traditional path to marching to SMASH THE PATRIARCHY and ridiculing and despising any woman that thinks like Kaley?


Parade asked Cuoco if she was a feminist.

“Is it bad if I say no?” she asked, mischievously. She then went on to explain what she meant, and her comments are going to shoot some major holes in the anti-male feminist propaganda.

“It’s not really something I think about,” she said. “Things are different now, and I know a lot of the work that paved the way for women happened before I was around… I was never that feminist girl demanding equality.”

She also said she cooks for her husband, tennis player Ryan Sweeting, at least five nights a week.

It makes me feel like a housewife,” she said. “I love that.

I know it sounds old-fashioned,” Cuoco continued. “But I like the idea of women taking care of their men. I’m so in control of my work that I like coming home and serving him. My mom was like that, so I think it kind of rubbed off.”


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  1. Feminists hate her because…well Lordy Gordy, look at her!

    Most feminists look like Helen Thomas and Madeline Albright had a pit bull then beat it repeatedly with a butt ugly stick.

  2. I read a bunch of the comments over on Gawker and got an eye roll sprain as usual. Same old bunch of hags making fun of young women for not wanting to be feminists and for not understanding what “true feminism” is.

    Listen femtards, if EVERYBODY thinks feminists are out of touch, and you have to spend all your time writing comments on blogs explaining what true feminism is, maybe those people are not the ones who need to be re-educated.

    When I see a single comment on a feminist site aimed at the man-haters trying to steer them away from it so that they don’t define feminism, then I will start to believe those who say that “true feminism” is not man-hating.

  3. I knew there was something about that girl that I liked. Good for her. I hope those comments cause a bunch of lib-progs to consider suicide or rehabilitation to sanity – if that’s possible.

  4. Been a Kaley fan from day one and always sort of knew she wasn’t the typical Hollywood “starlet” that Men’s Health magazine labeled her back in 2004. I think her Hollywood marriage is one that will last.

    One way to tell that she holds nontraditional views (for an actress) is that, despite her being the star of the show and the reason most viewers tune in (besides the great writing), the awards, photo ops and attention go to the gay cast member (Parsons).

    Kaley has two movies coming out in January that I’m anxious to see: Burning Bodhi and The Wedding Ringer.

  5. “Kaley Cuoco, the star of Big Bang Theory, is a fan of traditional gender roles.”

    I’m a fan of her traditional bustline, but then, I’m comfortable with my male gender roles.

  6. Good one, grayjohn!!!

    Reminds me of my starter wife, card carrying member of NOW, who could usually spoil sex every time because she wanted to be the “director” rather than an actor or participant.

    Being married to her was like living with Sheldon Cooper – no joke!

  7. I raised my three beautiful daughters to realize that feminism means that women have choices and that the very best and happiest choice that a woman can make is to be a woman. Companionship with a good man, children, and working together to make a happy home is what makes for a happy and fulfilled life. Jobs and money are great but are side issues, and not what you are going to long for on your deathbed.

  8. The goal of feminism is to remove all constraints on female sexuality while maximally restricting male sexuality. NEVER EVER bought into the “all we want is equality” whine. Feminism is for fat, ugly, mean-as-a-snake (on the inside too) harridans that can’t compete in the species mating sweepstakes. Bella Abzug? Hillary Clinton? Betty Friedan? Et cetera, ad infinitum, ad nauseum.

  9. Also, real men love strong and capable women, and usually feminists are neither. Take the strong and capable and beautiful and feminine Sarah Palin as another example that keeps the leftists off of their rockers.

  10. Hate to say this, but the Feminazi are going to gang on her and of course, Cuoco is going to apologize. She works for a leftist Network CBS….Enough said!

  11. @ Vol- Maybe. Maybe not. Kaley can pretty well write her own ticket at CBS. Without her the only audience left would be the Jim Parsons homo fan club and the Asian fans of Kunal Nayyar. Johnny Galecki doesn’t elicit a whole lot of fan response.

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