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The Bill Comes Due After the DOJ Capitalizes on Brett Kavanaugh’s Cowardice



I hate being right sometimes, and this is one of those times. As I feared, Brett Kavanaugh’s cowardice in not vacating the stay on the original eviction moratorium is coming back to haunt property owners across the country.

In my previous pieces on this topic, I noted that Kavanaugh had the chance to join the conservatives, vacate the stay on the original moratorium, and do so in a way that clearly prevents any future issuance given how blatantly unconstitutional this theft of property is. Instead, perhaps in some misguided attempt to get the left to love him, the Trump-appointed justice joined the liberals, allowing the moratorium to continue and expire.

By doing so, Kavanaugh created a path for Joe Biden and the CDC to essentially game the system, bankrupting more landlords before any new challenge can make it through the courts. Biden admitted yesterday that is their plan.

Here’s what I said when this issue first came up (see Brett Kavanaugh’s Gelatinous Spine Green-Lights More Government Theft).

Yet, when Kavanaugh had the chance to join his conservative colleagues to strike this nonsense down and put in place a precedent to protect people from government tyranny, he didn’t have the spine to do it. Instead, he took the easy way out by letting the moratorium continue and expire, green-lighting the same gambit to be tried again. Yes, Kavanaugh indicated he’d rule against the CDC the next time this issue came up, but that could take months if another moratorium is put in place. By that point, the damage will have already been done, and you can bet the government won’t be writing checks to make those landlords whole.

Lo and behold, that is exactly what is happening. The DOJ is now running through the door left wide open by Kavanaugh’s decision and they are using the argument he set up for them. more

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  1. Kavanaugh is such a judicial pussy. Could this cowardly decision set up the property owners to sue his ass AND the fake Biden Pedoministration? I can only dream big…

  2. I suspect that it’s not an attempt to be “loved”–I don’t think he’s that naive; what I think it is, is a liberal Catholic streak within his psyche. I suspect that he views his tolerance to so unconstitutional an action as doing something for the poor and downtrodden–in short good deeds to grease the skids into Heaven.
    Let’s see how he decides to vote on the reexamination of Roe.
    He and Coney-Barret were elevated on the basis of a right to life philosophy and are lukewarm and ankle deep on other issues important to us.

  3. It is difficult to predict how people will react, even when those predictions are the result of weighing our own human nature.

    If it was me, after I got confirmed, remembering all the shit they put me through, the lies, the grandstanding, the demagoging, I would have imprinted it in my brain under the folder ,”This is who they are”. Then, for the rest of my career on the bench I would seek recompense and punish them in every imaginable way, knowing that they are evil and evil must be destroyed.

    Kavanaugh has done just the opposite. Instead of being that audacious principled defender of the Constitution, he has gone out of his way to obsequiously accommodate the other side even when the facts are against them. In a lame misguided attempt to show comity and cooperation he has abandoned the correctness of the argument.

    And ACB is following the exact same pattern.

  4. The wheels of America are just about ready to fall off.
    No wonder that GOOGLE guy fled to New Zealand.

    Oh, gosh… look at the time. I’ve got to get ready for Obama’s birthday party tonight. You know, he lied about “close friends and relatives.”

    Teddy Kennedy and I are double-dating for this soirée.
    I’m the designated legless driver.

    Yes, the original 500 guests have been arriving since yesterday afternoon on Martha’s Boneyard.

  5. …Buddy of mine had a brother that was in the rental game, mostly renting properties in a Black neighborhood, but being a Black man as well they were unable to (easily) call him racist, and being ex-Marine they weren’t easily able to intimidate him either.

    HIS strategy with intransigent renters who got months behind on their pay but still insisted on great service was pretty simple.

    He’d come over to the house around dusk and take care of whatever, fine, no problem. Then, he’s notice a problem with the door and say he had to fix it. He would then remove the door from the hinges and carry it to his trunk, tell his soon-to-be erstwhile tenants that he had to take it back to the shop to fix it, and leave them standing in a cloud of dust and a spattering of gravel as he drove off.

    They usually left that night as the rest of the ‘hood started taking notice…

  6. He may look and act like Ruth Bader Kavanaugh but the Hate America
    demoncRATs will never love him (or even tolerate him)!

  7. F.D.R. in Hell AUGUST 7, 2021 AT 2:16 PM

    “Oh, gosh… look at the time. I’ve got to get ready for Obama’s birthday party tonight. You know, he lied about “close friends and relatives.””

    …I’m hoping the party ends like THIS…

  8. govlawyer
    “poor and downtrodden”
    Code for useless government teat sucking POS.
    And that’s not racist because white people do it too.
    Like my neighbors black granddaughter that told her friend, that school was to hard, so she got pregnant.

  9. There was a time, and for good reason, that only property owners could vote.
    It still makes sense that it should have remained that way.

  10. Kavanaugh was guilty as charged during his inquisition. However, the decision was made he would better serve the left to allow his conformation and then present the evidence against him as the hand that controls him.

  11. History will judge many people harshly, especially those who have been compromised by the deep state. Didn’t take long for him and that slut that Trump nominated for SCOTUS.

  12. @rich taylor “…remembering all the shit they put me through, the lies, the grandstanding, the demagoging,….”

    While that may very well be what is going through Kavanaugh’s mind, it’s entirely possible there is another thought. Those were just words and theater but the “Antonin Scalia” solution may also occupy some of his thinking….. Just sayin.

  13. This only looks like it’s about Kavanaugh. It’s not. It’s about Luke warm Christians (whom the Lord will spit out) finally deciding to actually suit up (put on the armor of God) and fight this spiritual battle for their progeny, while also loosening their faulty grip on this world.


  14. If I were in Kavanaugh’s place I would be as vindictive as Genghis Khan against all things democrat.

  15. @Andy’s dad

    What is this Antonin Scalia solution you speak of? Please clarify.

    The 2 foundational pillars of “Scalia-ism” is orginalism, respecting the original intent of the Constitution, and countermanding or restricting the policy activist role played by the court. Kavanaugh has done nothing to further these 2 pursuits.

  16. It is a short step to nationalization of housing,starting with apartment landlords being forced to beg for mercy. The kindly feds will set up a National rent administration into which renters would pay and from which landlords would be paid, until they are just bought out for pennies on the dollar and empty promises for the future.

    Watch and learn. The Constitution is being set aside. Not overturned, just ignored because no one will enforce it. Indeed the only enforcement is the Supine Court and they have clearly announced that they are not going to rule for the Constitution.

  17. Back in civilization this would have been a very simple question of property rights and contractual agreements. The whole thing never would have gotten past the stage of being laughed at and called criminally insane.

    Now criminally insanity has a national constituency and a political party: the democrats.

  18. The SCROTUS is a corrupt institution. Has been since about Lincoln’s time in office. Maybe before that. Godless, illiterate pukes dolled up in black dresses and pretending to wisdom. Can’t think of anything more hubristic.
    They jettisoned the Constitution decades ago and don’t even pretend to follow it any more. They agree with both the concept and the imposition of the totalitarian state – their decisions prove that – from abortion, to pervert “marriage,” to limiting the 2nd, and rescinding the 5th vis-à-vis the IRS.

    They have ignored the simple fact that the real “balance of power” of our Constitutional system was not, simply, the Three Branches of Government, but the Three Branches of America – the Federal, the States, and the People. The have consistently enlarged the power of the Federal at the expense of both the States and the Citizens. The 10th isn’t so much ignored as a dead letter.

    It is past time to invoke the 10th, kill ALL the traitors, and re-establish the Constitution.

    izlamo delenda est …

  19. It would appear now, that the government factotums way to get around the Supreme Court and the Constitution is to fix an end date, some time into the future, for their unconstitutional dictates and the court will let it operate until that date, say 2079, 2090, or 2099, etc!

  20. Fucking Kavanaugh… I couldn’t help but notice around the time Judge K made this atrocious ruling, the DoJ announced yet another “investigation” into the endless series of bullshit “rape” allegations against Kavanaugh.

    Never dismiss the idea of the dirty DoJ getting to Kavanaugh in someway, just like the got to Roberts.

  21. SNS!!!! I did that very same thing several times when I did rentals in Denver. One time I had a garage company come and “service” an overhead door in one of my commercial properties. Got all my back due rent that night. He was a nationally known (black) photographer. He still burned me for $7K when I finally got him out.

    And when I think about it, I never had problems with my latino or white tenants. Guess who I shied away from renting to over the years.

    That’s what you call real world experience rt. You do know the definition of insanity don’t you? For some, the clue bat will NEVER brought into play.

    And finally, sadly I found I had to weigh my for certain destroyed property that these scum would invariably leave v them no longer occupying my property rent free.

    I always came out ahead.


    1. Allowing an obvious impostor to take Office as POTUS.
    (no, not dimbulb JoeY, but half-black CIA creation Barky)
    That Congress allows POTUSes to legislate when they don’t is confirmation of lost legitimacy of all.

    2. Allowing them obvious murder of a SCOTUS Justice to pass without a hiccup. (that the others all act like hostages surprises you??)

  23. Back during the Chinese Communist Revolution, soldiers would bring landlords into the village square, tie them up and allow the peasants to humiliate them and whip them before they were shot in the back of the head. What goes around comes around. People had better get it into their heads that we are going to have to deal with these new communist with extreme measures or they will march us into the gas chambers.

  24. MMinWA
    AUGUST 7, 2021 AT 4:42 PM

    “And finally, sadly I found I had to weigh my for certain destroyed property that these scum would invariably leave v them no longer occupying my property rent free.”

    From what I saw, they destroyed the property whether evicted or not. Back in the day you could get money for copper and steel, so there would be vertical trenches in the drywall from the wires being ripped out, water supply lines evicerated and left to leak, sometimes spray, all over the property, movable appliances stolen and hocked, built ins ripped free with little concern for being able to reinstall anything, even water heaters and furnaces were not always left in place alhough they were too big and heavy so they’d give up after tearing them up, but they might as well have stole them since they were destroyed anyway.

    Which doesn’t even get into the gas fires and explosions this sometimes caused, the explosions caused by meth production, and even if they DON’T blow it up the indelible “cat urine” stench that permeates the drywall and carpeting from the drug production ALONE would kill the ability to rent or resell the house.

    And the midnight moveouts were great too. One time, my fire company got called to a collapsed apartment carport with entrapment that proved to have been caused by a jackass trying to skip out on his rent by moving out and not telling anyone, least of all his landlord, in a complex of 4 and 5 story apartment buildings. This was one of those Hercularian carports they put over multiple spaces as a continuous structure, and the parking lot was a bit tight and dude with no trailer experience was backing a trailer with an unfamiliar vehicle, and rammed and KEPT ramming until he brought most of the structure down on ALL the vehicles, INCLUDING his own so he got stuck inside it too.

    He wasn’t too hurt when we cut him out of the rubble, but like anyone who gets to pick between “Hospital or Jail”, he chose the former and would have probably got into the squad before the crew did if they didnt tell him they had to strap him in before they could load him. Not sure if he wanted to get away from the cops or the angry fellow tenants who didn’t enjoy their cars being buried and mangled too much, either. So off he went with a police car in tow, because they were going to collect him once the doc sprung him, not ONLY for skipping his rent, wrecking the carport, and trashing numerous cars, but ALSO because he stole the truck and trailer TOO.

    I wasn’t on Squad that night, I was just another happy burn boy clawing through yet another rubble pile to try to restore order to chaos yet afrigginggan, but it would have been amusing to talk to THAT guy too, see how scared he was, if he even understood how much trouble he was in, and what the wife n kids thought about how he was providing for them that particular evening.

    Because of COURSE he had some…

    …and this is just ONE tenant story I witnessed first-hand, there’s many others, but suffice to say this is why I said NO to trying to rent my OLD house out when I bought a NEW one, I saw PLENTY of reasons in my day NOT to, reinforced by my freind and just generally that I did NOT want to deal with people ANYWAY, so that was an EASY idea for me to reject.

    …and thaf was BEFORE Democrats effectively seized all rental property in the U.S. because, Covid, or something, so I’m DOUBLY glad that mess isn’t MY mess NOW, but I do feel bad for you if its still yours…

  25. 3 years ago I said the only American judge more liberal than Brett was John Roberts. Brett’s leftist rulings the last 2 years prove me right! BTW God did not tell me Brett was a leftist I really his far left appellate rulings. His leftist beliefs were clear for all willing to work! But most UNIPARTY followers are lazy an did not research!

    But then few picked fruit to pay for college, I did!

  26. @rich taylor. The “Scalia solution” I am alluding to is the untimely and more than suspicious death of Justice Antoine Scalia, just months before “the beasts” expected coronation. Added, the incident with the Georgia governor’s daughter’s boyfriend right before a Very contentious Senate runoff that would give the “Cabal” controlling interest in the business of America. Maybe my foil hat is on too tight but watching what has transpired for the last 4.5 years, with the amount of turmoil surrounding Trumps rise, and he could be part of the diversion, there is absolutely NOTHING I will put past the Devil.

  27. @ ǝpɐɥsʇɥɓᴉuɹǝdnS

    The Obama party is jam-packed.

    I just declined a foursome with Carly Simon and Diane Sayer. The deal-breaker was…Walter Cronkite was the fourth.

  28. Where you made your mistake is in assuming that Kavanaugh ever had any intention OTHER than facilitating what has now happened. The same can be said for Barrett and Gorsuch.


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