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The Bill Is In For Climate Change

IS: The world’s 48 poorest countries want $1.39 trillion dollars between 2020 and 2030 to tackle climate change. These estimates are based on plans they submitted to the UN. this will be worked out within the next two weeks, following the climate change summit.

It includes $53.8 billion a year to reduce emissions and $39.9 billion to deal with extreme weather according to a London-based International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) report.

Brazil, China, India, Morocco, South Africa and Turkey are receiving as much public money as all the least-developed countries together, the report added.

This is all supposed to be ironed out in the next two weeks.

The UN wants to send this money to places like Zambia and Yemen where the dictators in charge will use the money without real oversight.  Read More

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  1. The bill includes limos, prostitutes and all-you-can-eat kobe beef and caviar buffets and the finest wines with which to swill it down for the dictators and their cronies. Oh, and unlimited travel on their private jets to and from their palatial homes. That’s what we will pay for.

  2. If climate change is so critical then those 48 pseudo countries should pony up their fair share. About $1.39 Trillion dollars sounds about right. (but make sure they pay with cash)!

    China and India.

    But they’ll skate.
    It’s about redistribution of those
    which they *say* are to blame.

  4. I should like to see rhetoric from the right come out and say things like: AS LONG AS THERE IS A HUNGRY OR HOMELESS CHILD IN AMERICA or as long as there is a combat vet wanting we will not spend 1 dime on Global Warming or refugees.

    Then, I should like to see our ‘leaders’ ruthlessly attack the left for waging a War on Children.

  5. Man has been spending the entire human existence battling the climate. The only difference in the past 100 years is we’ve become real good at it. So now we’re hurting the world because we’re not getting killed as frequently?

  6. Either you don’t live in the USA, or you’re living off of thin air.
    Fractional banking is another matter, chump.
    As if you’d prefer the oligarchical IMF SDRs?!

    The rest of us here have to live off it.

  7. A kerosene lamp, with flame burning bright…
    with the (whale) oil part at the bottom marked “ORCA.”

  8. This is Inter-National Socialism writ LARGE. Wealth redistribution on a massive scale that MUST be repudiated by We, the People of the United States, or America no longer exists. PERIOD.

    The time has come to put away our childish things …

  9. The Globaloney Warming Hoax is unmasked, able to be seen by all and sundry, and still the World will march to this foolish criminal combine’s drum. Watch as the Republicrat (Menshevik) “leadership” massage their anuses, grinning like a gaggle of some imam’s goats, giggling about who will get to be the first to be fucked – and then eaten.

    It is truly sickening.

  10. What our spear-chucking porch-monkey jigaboo president along with his blue-gum boot-lipped wife fail to understand is that America has ALREADY paid these 3rd world dumps more than enough. Just think of all the stuff that America has either directly or indirectly supplied to them that they greatly benefit from: advances in food technology, medical procedures, medicines, sanitation, water, the internet, maintaining communication, weather and navigation satellites, not to mention the direct financial and charity aid, and the list goes on and on and on. The 3rd world shit-holes would be 10X worse off if America wasn’t here. Fuck Obama and the rest of these people right in their goat-humping asses, we owe them NOTHING!

  11. Of course, I do too. Just noting that we are broke so what kind of money are we talking about?

    If I’m paying for things with no intention of actually paying but knowing I’m going to declare bankruptcy because I’ve no way to pay I’m using monopoly money. No?

  12. They (the socialists, Obola et al, SCROTUS, Legislative “leadership,” and the succubuses of the UN) will not “go gentle into that good night,” but must be forced, kicking and screaming, which we MUST DO if we want to survive.

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