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The Black Vice-President Thinks She is a Slave

NY Post-

Vice President Kamala Harris bungled a history lesson about the Juneteenth holiday Monday, telling kids that black people were enslaved in America for 400 years — overstating the actual time period by more than 150 years.

“I think that we all know today is a day to celebrate the principle of freedom,” Harris told a group of about two dozen elementary school-age children at the National Museum of African American History & Culture in Washington. “And think about it in terms of the context of history, knowing that black people in America were not free for 400 years of slavery.”

“Let this be a day that is a day to celebrate the principle of freedom, but to speak about it honestly and accurately, both in the context of history and current application,” Harris went on during her apparently extemporaneous remarks.

The first African slaves in the American colonies arrived in 1619 in Virginia. Slavery was abolished through the 13th Amendment, which was ratified in 1865 — ending 246 years of the practice, not 400.

A White House official acknowledged Harris’ error, telling The Post that “the vice president was referring to 400 years since slavery began.”


I don’t think that is what Kamala was thinking. I think she took the year 1619 and subtracted it from 2022 to arrive at her Common Core math answer of 400. She did this because in her twisted mind she feels blacks are still slaves. And she says this from her high on entitled perch, with no sense of irony or shame.

The left leverages slavery for political reasons, willing to beat down a populace with daily reminders that they were once lesser. It’s unnecessary psychological torture. It’s abuse.

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  1. …someone should mention to Whore that Black people are STILL enslaved WORLDWIDE RIGHT NOW, but it’s Muslims and Blacks doing the enslaving, so I guess that makes it totes OK to the Jamindian whos family ALSO owned slaves…

    Africa is again the world’s epicenter of modern-day slavery”

  2. …by the way, no modern Black American was ever a slave, and no modern White American was ever a slave owner.

    So the offended and offenders are both dead.

    Also, very few White Americans owned slaves, and no Republican ever did. All slave owners were rich Democrats, so your issue is with them.

  3. Better it would have been if the country did what Lincoln suggested back in 1854, free all the slaves and then ship them off to Liberia.

    No amount of financial reparations or white liberal guilt will ever be enough to dissipate the currency past slavery has afforded all black people or their willingness, regardless of their own participation and profit in the practice, from demanding things they don’t deserve.

  4. Her ancestors owned slaves in Jamaica. She’s not black so not a even a black whore. She’s just a run-of-the-mill whore.

  5. Reading between the lies, I think that the Kalamitous Jamindian won’t really achieve Fweedom until she becomes the first Brown Colored Female Installed as President* of a country that didn’t actually elect her. This means that sometime in 2023 or 2024, we can finally start the process of healing under the guidance of someone who was never legally elected. It’s going to be inspirational.

  6. Of course blm is demanding reparations “NOW”. Must be some million dollars mansions on the market and they need the money now to purchase them befoe some “White mofo” does. As far asharris is concerned if you shake her you might hear her 2 brain cells rattling around in that thick skull. Maybe.

  7. Slavery has been prevalent among all races and nations for the vast majority of human history. It still exists openly in many parts of the world. Modern refinements have allowed it’s legality under other names in many supposedly free societies.

  8. We need to close out the slavery issue by restoring to the descendant’s of the slaves their lost homelands and citizenship! Repatriation back to Africa is the only way to make them whole! We owe it to them and they deserve it!

  9. Mr Musk is South African and now an American
    Ms Harris is Jamaican-dot Indian
    Mr Obama is Kenyan(maybe)-west coast white girl
    Who would be the better spokesman for the people if Africa?

  10. I just listened to a segment of Sowell’s Black Rednecks book the other night. This is the conclusion I reached based on the facts:

    Every single American of African descent (who can verify their ancestors were enslaved and not actually a slave owner) should be down on their knees thanking God Almighty that their people were bought and removed from Africa by American slave traders. The alternative was much more likely: To be put in chains by warring and superior tribes (likely bordering tribes), and to be murdered when their usefulness ended — often before they could generate offspring.

    The biggest lie told today about so-called American racism and slavery is that slavery is based on racism. Wrong. It never was.

    (Guy, look up Monrovia)

  11. But, butt, the Thirteenth Amendment, (you know, the one that got rid of slavery,) expressly allows slavery “… as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted … .”

    2022 – 1619,

  12. A total of 388,000 slaves were brought to North America between 1525 and 1866. 10.5 million total if you include the Caribbean and South America.

  13. By 1861, slavery did not occur in every state. Specifically, the Northwest Ordinance (1790-something) barred slavery from the five new states the Ordinance created: Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Wisconsin.

    In the northeast and NE, I believe it was slowly phased out prior to the Civil War, but I don’t know the dates of those abolition laws.

    The newer states to the west, like Kansas, had mini-wars between the sides over the question of whether a new state should allow slavery or not.

    Free enterprise won over slavery. To this day, Marxists won’t give credit to free enterprise for ending slavery with the blood of northern men, or if they do, they’ll frame it as a class conflict between the Bourgeoisie and Capitalists.

  14. Now she is a white man’s bed wench. Or not. Her husband looks a little light in the loafers to me.

  15. Oh! Juneteenth. She must be referring to when a Yankee general had to ride out to Texas to forcibly free the slaves. They didn’t free themselves. It took a Union general and dudes with bayonets to finish the job. They should totally be thanking that guy.


    Suck on that. Soooooo problematic. But, he’s the guy that freed Texas. Happy Custer day.

  16. I’ll tell you what sucks. I was born on June teenth in 1956 before it was fucking June teenth, Which apparently means June 19th, How getto of them. Can’t quite get the “19th” out. I’m not looking for Birthday bull shit. I’m old. So please don’t. I try and ignore them to the best of my ability. Why the 19th? There’s zero documentation. Just my luck. Every June 19th I get this uncontrollable urge to loot stores.
    My father in laws birthday was also June teenth. How often does that happen.

  17. Pick up a history book, Erik.


    Or cry about, I’m good either way.

  18. Holy shit. You’re on your own Erik, good luck. There might be some old music to back his claim up. Please Mr. Custer rings a bell.

  19. I don’t give a shit if dumbasses believe me or not. I’m done explaining myself, defending the arts and trying to better enlighten our side.

    If stupid fuck sticks can’t figure out how to flip the script on Juneteenth and make it all about Custer instead, I’ve been wasting my time.

    And Jesus, again,you specifically told me not to cast pearls before swine but again……..ALL DEESE NIGGAS IS SWINE.

    I’m out. See ya’ next month or so.

    Oh…old music appropriate for this thread…. hang on…

    Here. The song about an octaroon prostitute who delayed Mexican General Santa Ana in bed long enough for the Texas to show up and surprise him all nekkid with a wooden leg. You didn’t think this song was about flowers did you?

  20. fun facts:
    the US banned importation of slaves in 1808 w/ passage of the ‘Act Prohibiting the Importation of Slaves’ of 1807. those in the US that owned slaves suddenly had a monetary stake in their slaves being treated well & to keep them healthy.
    (not defending the institution of slavery, just stating an economic fact)

    the US officially became a country in its own right in 1789 w/ the signing of the Treaty of Paris making rule by Great Britain of the declared United State officially over.

    so …. the United States, as an official country has only had slavery from 1789 to 1866, when the 13th & 14th Amendments were ratified … a period of 77 years
    even giving that we declared independence in 1776, it’s still only a period of 89 years … it’s a person’s lifetime.

    so, grab a seat kiddies, ’cause the US didn’t introduce slavery to the Americas … it was already here before the English, the Spanish & the Portuguese enslaved the Natives, because the Natives were already enslaving each other.
    (I have more empathy for the suffering of Native Americans, to this day, than I do to people of African decent)

    90% of African slaves went to South America, where they died in droves, laboring away in the gold, copper, salt & silver mines under Spanish & Portuguese rule … where is the outrage towards those countries? … oh yeah, the US has more $$$.

    to paraphrase the late, great Frank Zappa, “So take your meditations and your reparations … An’ ram it up yer snout”

    bend down & kiss the US ground & praise the Lord that you weren’t born in Africa … I know that I surely do

    btw, I don’t see anyone clamoring to go back there … wonder why?

  21. c’mon Burrito .. come back & play

    btw, it wasn’t ‘General’ Custer … he was breveted a General during the Civil War. he reverted back to Colonel after the war was over … fun fact
    (& his hair was ‘regulation’ at the Battle of the Little Bighorn … ‘nother fun fact)

    & it wasn’t ‘General’ Custer, it was General Gordon Granger that announced the end of hostilities in Galveston, Tx on June 19, 1865

    buhjeebus! … don’t run away w/ your panties in a bunge ’cause some of us ain’t on the Brian Wilson Genius bandwagon

    luv ya dude! look forward to your posts more than anyone here … ‘cept maybe Brad sometimes … ‘cept his banging cheerleader posts … had several myself … bunch a budding slut-puppy wannabees for Epstein Island, wriggling around faking orgasms … ‘oh baby, give it to me’ … boring as moaning Lipstick Lesbos
    … love you too, Brad! … would luv to hang out w/ either one of you & have a few adult indulgences … seriously

  22. @Tim Buktu June 21, 2022 at 5:52 pm

    > By 1861

    That horse’s been dead over a century. But, by all means, hit it. Agin.

    (And by “hit it”, yes, I do mean with somebody’s mangina.)

  23. Hilarious is the fact the dowdy cankled Harris woman is half-black, like Obama and millions of other race-blended people. Harris is widely unliked especially by black women who view the sloppy slob as high-yella, pretentious, unstable, false and forced staged laughter, and phony in all her ways. Funny is how the fake Harris, with all her posturing and snobbery went on with a continued “400 years of slavery” to marry a white supremacist dude who’s also affiliated with the Communist Chinese Party.


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