The Blasphemy App

Criticizing Islam is a serious crime in Indonesia, and now Google is helping put a stop to it.

FRONT PAGE MAG- At last: “a new Android app,” Laura Loomer reported at Big League Politics on Sunday, “has launched with the focus of allowing Muslims to report individuals who commit blasphemy, or insult Islam.” Now, if you’re a pious Muslim, if you see something, you can say something, and make sure that those who dare to criticize the Left’s favored religion will henceforth be able to say nothing.  MORE HERE

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  1. It is only a matter of time before the left makes a push to copycat that exact move right here only substituting LBGTWXYZ for islam

  2. As this is in Indonesia (for now), simply being reported on this app will be an immediate death sentence at the hands of a mob or one’s family, regardless of facts, and Google will be making it possible.

  3. So basically, Google is assisting in murder. But I am sure they were incensed by the Saudi’s murdering the “journalist”. Recently Google signed an agreement with the Chinese to allow the government to sensor searches. Also, Google was negotiating a deal with the U.S. Military, and for THAT, it’s employees threatened to quit. So help despotic governments? No problem. Help the U.S. Government? No way! Fuck Google.

  4. A lot of people are unaware that some segments of our federal government actually succeed at their job.

    The NSA is one. Again, most people aren’t aware the NSA authors, in todays term, ‘apps’.

    One app is called ‘Facebook’, the other had a working title of “Google” that was an inside joke so good they applied it to the public launch.

    These are the crown jewels of computer and network based intelligence gathering methodologies the planet has ever seen. No longer do they have to work to acquire information. Best of all, they tell you what they are going to do to you, and you agree.

    Is that sublime, or what?

  5. They briefly debuted a “Crap-on-mohammed” app, but it crapped out the network in seconds, it was SO popular! 😆

  6. From MJA: ” Nothing stops you from ‘reviewing’ the app at the GooglePlay store. Heh.”

    I like to ask Google, “How much Anthrax would it take to eliminate all of Congress?” Or, “If I overthrow the entire US Government, hang all the members of Congress from lamp posts, what font on the sympathy cards to the families would be stylish?”

    I might get a rise out of some federal agencies if they didn’t already know me so well. But alas, they know me all too well. I’m boring as vanilla ice cream, had nose bleed security clearances, and they know I’m just baiting them.

    It’s just one more reason I use my real name online. There’s no point in using anything else.

    Besides, I like it when you guys frame a response, “Lowell, you ignorant slut!”

  7. It’s ironic that google’s and Wikipedia’s definition of taqiyya is actually an example of taqiyya and not the true definition on the term.

  8. How can you blasphemy a pedophile, crossdressing, rapist, murdering false prophet?

    To revere and hold a mere perverted man as a representative of Deity,
    That’s Blasphemy !

  9. “God will sort us out.”

    According to the christian bible, God created this place in six days of his time. I’m thinking our human clock runs on a different scale. So my opinion remains that if you’d like to see results, and you think God is on your side, (the Muslims damn sure do) you might want to deploy some of that free will He gifted you with. Bear in mind, you just might be required to “render up” that required. Which, in the scriptures does not disallow a price up to and including your life. Funny that, the Muslims have quite the same interpretation.

    I suppose it comes down to conviction. In the biblical sense. Does God speak to you? Has he asked you to defend him?

    Or will you deny being his disciple and lay all the responsibility for action on this earth to him who has not laid down a footprint in the dirt for over two thousand years? But made you, in his image, that is charged with knowing his mind.

    How do you remain inactive and call yourself a child of the almighty?

  10. I wonder what might happen when I download the app, and report myself for blasphemy against mo-ham-ed (anonymously, of course).
    Think they’ll cross the big wide ocean to come and get me?


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