The Blizzard of ’49

This program tells the story of the worst series of storms in Wyoming’s history. But for all the tragedy and loss, suffering and death, there was hope and heroism, unselfish sacrifice and generosity. WATCH

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  1. The same circumstances today would likely result in mass looting, murder and cannibalism.
    Instead of people functioning as a community and assisting one another you’d see the predatory instincts of the lowlifes unleashed.

  2. gin blossom DECEMBER 3, 2019 AT 5:48 AM
    “The same circumstances today would likely result in mass looting, murder and cannibalism.”

    …which would all be blamed on White Supremacy, Global Warming, and President Trump, not necessarily in that order, and with President Trump being blamed for causing the White Supremacy and Global warming besides, forcing impeachment hearings to be convened…

  3. The “Children’s Blizzard” in 1888, is a heck of a story, too. .

    “..January 12, 1888, began as an unseasonably warm morning across Nebraska, the Dakotas, and Minnesota, the weather so mild that children walked to school without coats and gloves. But that afternoon, without warning, the atmosphere suddenly, violently changed. One moment the air was calm; the next the sky exploded in a raging chaos of horizontal snow and hurricane-force winds. Temperatures plunged as an unprecedented cold front ripped through the center of the continent.

    By Friday morning, January 13, some five hundred people (estimates vary +/- 200)lay dead on the drifted prairie, many of them children who had perished on their way home from country schools…the deadliest blizzard ever to hit the prairie states…”

    A 3 minute thumbnail description of the storm and heroic acts. .

  4. Born in 49, but I don’t recall Mom mentioning anything about snow. Maybe it had something to do with me being born in a house though??

  5. A few years ago there was a bad snowstorm in Iowa, or Idaho, I think. Tall snow drifts and everything. They didn’t ask for any help. They did it themselves.Whatever property the city owned the city did for themselves plus any volunteers from citizens. but mostly, neighbor helped neighbor.

  6. I have old photos of my house, no power lines, no insulation in the walls, and a hand dug well with a pail on a rope, no indoor plumbing back then (1700s). No chain saws, log splitters or autos. They had big wide snow rollers that simply packed the snow down on the roads so that horses could pull sleighs over it. We have it easy.

  7. The atomization of society isn’t simply co-incidental to the rise of “socialist” tyranny. It is necessary though not sufficient (in and of itself) to that imposition.
    Universal franchise made each vote worth less (or worthless) and opened the door broadly to fraud. The usurpation of our “mitigating institutions” by the forces of collectivism and perversion leave us adrift in a fog of meaninglessness where we have no anchors to our neighbors, fellow citizens, or like-minded people. Media and politics try to make normal people seem out of the “mainstream” and on the fringes of society and culture – while the extremists and perverts are depicted as “normal.” Thus, for instance, the anarchic demonstrations of the “ANTIFA” (originally a group formed by Stalin) mobs are increasingly portrayed as, somehow, positive and the people they assault as negative (and those who attempt to defend themselves against these mobs are “asking for it” by showing their displeasure at Fascists pretending to be anti-Fascist).

    Oops! Got carried away, again. Suffice it to say that the apparent greater cohesion of society in times past was REAL! The totalitarians’ efforts at atomization had yet become fruitful.

    izlamo delenda est …


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