The Brand New America With Open Borders to Mexico is Going To Be a Fantastic Country

Look what we can expect.

That’s a picture of the 112th Mexican politician being assassinated since last September. He was running on law and order and talking tough against the cartels.

You see, the leftist politicians here do not fear getting murdered, because they will not stand up to the lawless and the cartels. THOSE ARE THEIR CONSTITUENTS!


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  1. I can’t read me no Spanish but the video was worth a thousand words that’s to be sure. I just saw another news item of a child sex slave operation out side of Tuscon. With a rape tree and all. It was dismantled but God only knows how many more are operating out there in the bad lands.

    The twin pillars of Barbarity (Islam & the Drug Cartels) are our worst enemies second only to the libtards who are opening the gates to the Islamists & Cartels. If those forces are left unchecked I fear Western Civ could fall.

  2. I was eating a late lunch in Imperial Beach today and was next to these two beautiful girls vacationing from Spain. They were beautiful, lithe, feminine, friendly, and smelled beautiful.
    Utterly unlike the Mestizo la creaturas from Mexico.
    That entire culture is poisonous.

  3. Nothing short of a massive plague that halves the population, followed by a successful revolution by lovers of law, liberty and justice, will ever change that latrine of a nation.

  4. Horrific.

    Hey lefties free advise,
    -Build a wall
    -Why? Simple. Immigrants value safety and security as much as anyone else does, including Americans.
    -We offer freedom and opportunity, huge selling points. But if we offer MS-13, left wing policies and access for criminals and terrorists across the board how is that different from the place they want to immigrate from? Bad selling point.
    – If you build a wall, immigration will explode, trust me.
    -Now these would be legal, as opposed to illegal migrants mind you, but don’t let that deter you because as a rule, immigrants = democrat voter roll increase correct? I mean, they don’t specifically have to be illegal do they?
    -Good luck


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