The Cannon Hinnant Shooting

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  1. Thank God someone is covering this. So far, Black lives are the only ones that matter, and young white children just leave a mess on the side walk when you blow their brains out. An inconvenience. Man I’d like 5 minute alone in a room with the cowardly piece of shit that pulled the trigger.

  2. I’m sure the craven, soulless media will provide the necessary context for this execution of a child…

    Perhaps the racist little imp had ding-dong ditched the door,

    Maybe he had laughed at his executioner the day before,

    Nana nana boo boo, stick your head in doo doo,

    Maybe the words sounded like voodoo,

    Maybe his dad was a gentrifier, or maybe a Jew.

    If you were a proud Black man, what would you do?

  3. To painless. Bones need to snap. He needs to scream in pain. He needs to understand. Right before he shuts his eyes for good.

  4. Don’t know who these two common sense guys are but, I think, they’ve analyzed the situation pretty accurately.

  5. The rope is ok, but the tree is too good. Tie rope to bumper and take him for a 5-6 mile high-speed drag down the road.

  6. Ball peen hammer, rolling pin, pre-tied tourniquets, potato peeler, pre-staged iv bags, bbq skewers, a deli meat slicer, 25 pounds of kosher salt, ammonia ampules, and a 5hp chipper/shredder. Will take about 6 hours for him to expire but he’d be awake the whole time. 5 minutes alone wouldn’t be enough.


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