The Case Against Hillary Being Too Transparent

This detailed photo of Hillary is causing me to demand a bit more opaqueness. Click into post to see.detail

Oh, the story this picture came from is pretty good. It’s about an investigation into Hillary’s statements to the FBI to see how they comport to her statements made under oath to the Hill.

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  1. Wow.

    This, “It’s important that the FBI and Justice Department be able to gather evidence and deliberate about potential culpability without fearing that material will be viewed by the public…”

    Yeah, that pesky public, just WOULD NOT DO to have them, yaknow, knowing shit. Just let TPTB have free reign and like, trust them. They wouldn’t lie to us, would they?

    Then this, “….Hillary Clinton shouldn’t be treated any worse than any other American just because…” blahblahblah

    Treated worse??? I just spewed coffee through my nose. It’s 180 degrees from the truth. She’s not being treated worse, she’s above it all.

    Francis @ Liberty’s Torch says, ” Needless to say, the law as written is supposed to apply to all, high and low alike. However, if you want to see a Democrat high-liner live by the same laws as the rest of us, you must be a nasty right-winger. Probably hate old people and minorities. Whatever your particular disease is, there must be something wrong with you.

    Ace adds, “America is being divided, before your very eyes, into those castes with Juice and those without Juice. It’s devolving into a fucking organized crime family. We are not equal under the law — far from it. And every day this corrupt gang makes this more and more normal and more and more acceptable to the public…. Anyone who says they’re for Equal Treatment Under the Law and then who supports someone who has been, is, and will continue to be Above the Law is simply a liar or hopelessly confused.”

    And then this, “…it’s unclear what role the Justice Department is playing in the disclosure debate…”
    What?? Unclear??? You’re kidding right? Lynch is clamping this shit off tighter then the poor pair of panties she’s crushing right now.

    This is corruption on a scale I never dreamed possible in America. Yet it’s happening right before our eyes and the 1 GD person pointing it out is being savaged over bullshit by the left and the GOPe.

    It’s a nightmare. If this cunt is elected, adios America(for reals this time)

  2. Who are these assholes who say that these transcripts should not be released to the public?

    Fuck that shit, Jack. Hillary Clinton was a Federal employee from 2009 to 2013. The interview covered her actions during that period, during which I was working like a Hebrew slave to pay Federal taxes to pat HER salary. I also paid the salary of James Comey and every single FBI agent who compiled the report.

  3. Politico= Pravda c. 1973….it is a (D) party organ. It is only worth reading if you want to find out what the next lies/talking points of the party will be.

  4. Remember, democRats only put people in power who are dirty.
    That way they have the control.
    Comey is dirty. He didn’t get that job on the Board of Directors at HSBC bank, the one that is mired in money laundering for the drug cartels and, oh by the way, the same bank that holds the Clinton Foundation money, cuz he’s a Boy Scout!
    Clintons -> Comey -> HSBC -> Drug Cartels -> ISIS -> Huma -> muzlim brotherhood -> Jarrett -> muzlim brotherhood -> Obama -> muzlim brotherhood -> Clinton…
    Nice little club they go going on there, uh?

  5. In a word greetings…tough shit.

    Oh wait, that’s two.

    Really, who do you think you are, a citizen or sumthin? They’ll tell us whatever the fuck they want to tell us and they’ll tell us when they’re good & fuckin’ ready. And seeing as how you’re not liking the truth, WTF are ya gonna do? Write a letter? Call your Congressman??

    Yeah me too.

  6. “Congress needs to stay out of law enforcement. Their job is to pass laws and the executive branch’s job is to carry them out. For me, this is very straightforward.” Ron Weich
    So, Ron, if the DOJ were doing it’s job maybe Congress wouldn’t have to. And while you’re at it, explaining what each branch of gubmint are for to us poor saps out in flyover country, please inform Obongo that he’s been way too busy NOT doing his job and way overstepping his own boundaries in the Executive Branch.

  7. Trump is gonna burn the barn to the ground.

    No wonder they are all screaming. Maybe God will take Hillary home soon and tuck her in Hell.

  8. Congress needs to stay out of law enforcement.

    The jackass who said that needs to go back to school.

    The government system created by the Founding Fathers is unique in that it established a system of checks and balances so that any one branch could keep an eye on the other two. This was done to prevent corruption and protect the rights and freedoms of the citizenry.

    Anyone who doesn’t know that needs to be deported to North Korea where the difference between liberty and tyranny will be enthusiastically pounded into their skulls.

  9. My favorite anywhere, any site comment of the month

    sig94-never try to arrest someone that climbs trees for a living

  10. The problem with a state controlled media is that its lies and the form those lies take, often restate the truth but in a little different form. People can easily see through the ruse, based on the nature of the lies themselves. During WWII, the Japanese press always proclaimed great victories over the American forces. Each one was decisive and total. Yet, with each incredible victory, the next overwhelming defeat of the Americans was proclaimed at a place closer to Nippon! Even the most ardent supporter of the regime saw the war coming closer and closer to Japan, until the Americans were “being swept from the sea, land and sky” at Okinawa!

    The Big Lie is effective, but when it is seen through, it turns on the liar.

    TRUMPH 2016!!!!

  11. After further reflection:

    It is NOT the job of the Executive Branch to enforce laws. That would be the job of the JUDICIAL branch.

    The job of the executive branch is to make sure the Federal government and its agencies are well run, and the rights/safety of its citizens are protected.

    No wonder this guy Weigh is such a retard. It’s obvious he failed Civics 101.

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