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The Case For Donald Trump 2024

Kurt Schlichter for Townhall

Whether you love Donald Trump, or whether you doubt him – if you hate him, shut up and go back to the Bulwark offices with the other losers – you need to look hard at the facts. We’re not progressives who let our feelz control us, and we must ruthlessly assess our own potential courses of action when it comes to replacing that desiccated old pervert masquerading as our president. More

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  1. For more than seven years those who HATE
    President Trump have been running enormous
    investigations in search of a crime
    and have found NONE.

    More time, money, and personnel resources
    have been dedicated to this alone than the
    entirety of the Watergate probe.

    Yet, to the non-acknowledged embarrassment
    of the smellocratic cabal,
    it has resulted in NOTHING!

    Regardless of the ravings of Lyn Cheney.

    ALL that the smellocratic party has proved:


    Being hated is not a crime !

    Smellocrats don’t understand that.

  2. My new fav tee shirt
    I miss mean tweets and $2.00 a gallon gas.

    They can’t name a bad Trump policy. Is that adult like?

  3. I’ll take a case for and OF POTUS Trump. Hang in there, friends. ’24 will all the sweeter for our suffering, and the depth and breadth of just how completely broken and out of control our gov’t is could not be as well known, unfortunately, unless it was on full display for even the dullest dolts in America to gaze upon this foulness. Because now even they know this eternal truth: In their guts they know he’s nuts.

  4. The founding fathers would not be sitting on their arses, and allowing our beloved country to go down the tubes. 😡

    We need fighters and that is exactly what Trump is, a fighter. 💪

    President Trump loves his country and the American people bar none. We will never back down.

  5. I’m Ultra MAGA. If there is a national politician that relates more to middle America than Donald Trump, it has been kept secret from me.

    When he first announced, I was skeptical. I listened to him and it didn’t take long before I was on board the Trump Train.


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