The Case For Trump in 2020- By the Numbers


ht/ c. steven tucker

13 Comments on The Case For Trump in 2020- By the Numbers

  1. Got to have 4 more.
    Just hope the Demos dead voters
    and illegals don’t steal it from us.
    Going to be alot of “just found” ballots,
    all demo,coming out after the polls close.

  2. Every person in the country involved with handling ballots should have be paired up with a conservative. Get the League of Women Voters out of the election process and the democrats will never win another election.

  3. Trumps gonna have extremely long coat tails this time around. Any R on the ballot will have a job

  4. Charlie, I agree. However, I would be a lot more comfortable if we had Voter ID, and a sense of control over voter fraud.


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