The CBC Band: South Vietnam’s Rock Legend Lives On

They were just a bunch of kids really, with a love of American rock-n-roll in the middle of the Vietnam War.

The CBC band was a family outfit formed by lead singer Nam Loc and her guitar prodigy of a brother Tung Linh in 1963. So young when they started out that their 9-year-old brother had to stand while playing the drums. Over a decade they made music for our service members while their own country was ripped apart by war.

Realizing in 1974 that it wouldn’t be long before Saigon fell, they were sent to tour India. Unable to return home the band took refuge with Tibetan monks until granted refugee status to enter The United States in 1975. They settled in the Houston area and still preform today.

Recent BBC interviews and profile Listen

What they sounded like playing covers of American hit songs Here

Their Facebook page Here

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