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The Centre Holds

A recent Gallup report finds that there are only six states in the union where liberals outnumber conservatives: Massachusetts, Hawaii, Vermont, Washington, New York, and New Hampshire (California was an even split).

Nationally, conservatives “hold a nine-point lead.”

The survey company’s findings support the notion that the majority conservative states are bracketed by coastal liberals.  More

The Second Coming, by William Butler Yeats.

The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity.”

As true today as it was 100 years ago.

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  1. It’s shit like this that makes it crystal clear how critical it is that we get a handle on voter fraud. We need to see a greater effort from the feds on this.

  2. (California was an even split)

    Bull Shit. California would be a conservative state if the fed would bust the socialist rulers of this state. Look what just happened last election. God Damn Illegal aliens buying vote from homeless people after the election? And those votes are counted? It’s a sunny colorful little socialist utopia they’ve created for us. Somewhat painless until you check your bank account. Where are the feds? New flash, Orange County is still conservative as hell. So how did a Libtard win there? California is a couple steps ahead of every other state in the union. California should already be in the middle of an armed conflict. But it’s not. Heed the warning. Frog in a frying pan.

  3. PS
    After several years of reading what going on in other states I’m convinced the two most conservative strongholds left in America are Wyoming and Northern California. And people in Northern California have ZERO representation.

  4. .45-70, that’s a good reminder! We all need to make a point of that. It’s because of voter fraud that allowed hitlery to be as close as she was. Even here in Western Washington I’m convinced there’s more conservatives than the poll numbers show. Anecdotal evidence, I have a couple prominent Trump stickers on my truck and even in Seattle my percentage of thumbs up vs middle finger is 8 to 1. I even had a lady at a gas station, she was driving a Prius, approach me and ask me if I saw the State of the Union speech. I said I had, and that I thought he did great. Believe it or not, she looked me right in the eye and said, “I did too, I just love him!” Even ladies in Prius’s love Trump.

  5. Brad, you might be right but eastern Washington and eastern Oregon are pretty similar. I think places with a lot of rodeo cowboys are places with a lot of conservatives. Back when I was hiring a drilling rig crew I would fire a guy to make room for a rodeo cowboy.

  6. So, if I cheer Punxsutawney Will, you’ll all applaud my napping?

    “Here’s to another communist century… Huzzah.”

    Nighty night, swells. Best of luck to you and yours. As you applaud for more of the same, so shall I. In my dreams.

  7. The Irish rebellion of 1916 proved that “… the centre cannot hold …” but, sometimes, compromise is deadlier than principle.
    You cannot make a “deal” with the devil. The devil is a lawyer, and there’s always some weasel-word that’ll trip you up.
    Socialism, like izlam, is the devil’s work – lies and perversions, topped by more lies, and flavored with infanticide – it titillates those so inclined to perform ever-debased deeds of depravity.
    After 4 murders, what’s one more?

    The centre means nothing if apathy and ennui incapacitate.

    izlamo delenda est …

  8. Why the hell should I care and give a damn about anything that Bill Maher says. I wouldn’t want to be to be belong to his club of hoity toity, sanctimonious we know better than you snobs who are so above the rest of us plebes because of their worldview and especially hatred of God and America as it was founded. He can kiss my ass. Oh and since I live in Eastern Washington we are far more conservative over here than on the West side of the state and far more friendly and decent, but then again I’m biased since I’ve lived here almost all of my 66 years.

  9. Identifying as a conservative doesn’t count for all that much.

    Voting conservative is what does.

    Something we are starting to see too little of as the makeup of the House suggests.

  10. @Anonymous February 24, 2019 at 8:41 am

    > Identifying as a conservative doesn’t count for all that much.
    > Voting conservative is what does.

    It is not enough to join the chants loudly, loyal citizen.

    To do The Party’s bidding is loyalty, citizen.

  11. 183 years ago today that pussy santa anna began his immoral attack on Texans that only wanted to have a safe place to feed their families.

    They were outnumbered at the battle but won the war.

    We need to get serious and win this one. We ain’t outnumbered, we just don’t have enough of us engaged in the battle.


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