The Chelsea Foundation

The latest batch of WikiLeaks releases proves that Chelsea Clinton was paid for campaigning for her mom, financed her lifestyle for over a decade and covered part of her wedding using Foundation money.


The Clinton Foundation has done so many good things for the less fortunate, and apparently Chelsea was one of them.

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  1. In other words, even “emails about Chelsea’s wedding” needed to be deep-sixed because they contained evidence of corruption. I assume the Clinton Foundation/Family Slush Fund paid for the yoga too.

  2. I’m sure somehow they got the Chinese government to pay for it.
    And in return it only cost us the secrets to creating the ultra-quiet props on our nuclear submarines. And the rights to strategic islands in the East China Sea.

  3. I can’t believe someone, not chelsea obviously, spends 10 million on an apartment. 10 million with an unobstructed view of obstructions. Ridiculous.

  4. Her husband apparently saw no conflict of interest soliciting Foundation donors to invest in his hedge fund either.

    Just proves the old saying If you can’t be a Clinton you can still cash in by being related to one.

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