The Chicken Rode Shotgun

CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Accused drunk driver was driving with live chicken.

MILWAUKEE, Wisc. (WISN/CNN) – “There’s a guy behind us and he has a. . he’s driving really reckless but he has a hawk in his car.”

Oak Creek police made a traffic stop Sunday and had to think if maybe the 911 caller was mistaken.

But it turns out it was pretty close.

Rather than a hawk – it was a brown chicken. MORE

17 Comments on The Chicken Rode Shotgun

  1. I used to hunt deer with an old country boy who said` he actually had sex with a chicken. Now that was a shocking revelation. Perhaps Jose has just picked up a cheap date.

  2. was it a chicken hawk?

    for a bunch of socialists priding themselves on being environmentally aware they sure don’t know the difference between a chicken and hawk

  3. The police investigation may have gone differently if the report was –
    “Officer, there’s a guy behind us driving recklessly while choking his chicken”

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