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The Chinese Could Launch Thousands of These

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  1. Agreed Ghost
    Cost of 87,000 new IRS agents = $7 billion annually
    Number of IRS agents new or existing looking into Hunter Biden = 0

    Fuck the Chinese, the IRS, the FBI, Hunter and joe biden*!!!

  2. ‘Bolas (from Spanish bola, “ball”, also known as boleadoras) is a type of throwing weapon made of weights on the ends of interconnected cords, designed to capture animals by entangling their legs.’

  3. they can send thousands of human weapons.

    Tens of thousands.

    Hundreds of thousands.


    China has unlimited cannon fodder, and the willingness to use it. Given that, and the fact we gave all our ammunition (that the IRS isn’t using) to Ukraine, they scarcely need robodogs when they can send meat shields until your machine gun barrels warp from the heat.

  4. “Looks like a data leak at Boston Robotics.”

    I’m sure it was swiped from them. The Chinese have never ever had one original thought. Have you ever seen the Boston Robotics Metal Mutt fire a gun? They have a video of an AR strapped to one. It almost goes over backwards from the recoil, and that’s not much recoil. I’m sure they’ve probably got it fixed now.

  5. Hmm Might take some experimentation, but I’d go for the magazine first.

    Easy target and can’t fire more than one round after you hit it.

    .308 should do the trick.

    Then take the gun and dismantle the control center for the bot. May be able to re-deploy them against them.

    Put the GPS location/finder part on your local antifa vehicle.

  6. jesus fucking christ,

    Am I the only one that gets tired of giving these pieces-of-shit a pass, allowing them to rule the narrative, kissing their abominable stinking ass, cutting them some slack, being polite, suffering their endless insults, pretending they may wake up and realize the way of their folly, putting them on a pedestal of reverence about how much greater they are than ourselves????????

    PHUCK those bastards,

    Life is too short for that.

  7. These drones might make Biden look prescient with his advice to fire two blasts in the air with your shotgun from the balcony. Because we all have balconies, right?

    Just aim them accordingly and use buckshot.

  8. ^^^ “…China has unlimited cannon fodder…”

    they do have large numbers.
    Anyone who is of military age now, is a product of the ‘one child’ era. The Confucian tenet of filial piety is still within their culture. If the singular child is dead, that ain’t gonna work too well. Soldiers may appear in uniform (they would have no choice of otherwise), but once some of them start dropping, many will have reluctance to continue.

  9. I live on acreage with a pond. I was thinking our zero turn with a modified cowcatcher of some sort or a sub-compact tractor bucket on the front and I could tumble that bitch right into the pond.

  10. Five or six rounds of buck and ball from a mossberg pump and I think the telemetry might need a wee bit of readjustment.

  11. Hacking them and turning them against those who first deployed them would be a shit-ton of fun…


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