The “Chinese Hugh Jackman” accused of rape

He purportedly carried out the rape with Mr. Wang. (Don’t they all?)


Actor Yunxiang Gao and producer Jing Wang, both 37, have pleaded not guilty to raping the woman at the Shangri La Hotel following the wrap party for a TV series filmed in Australia.

Film and TV star Gao has often been referred to as “China’s Hugh Jackman”.

Si Qi Li told the Downing Centre District Court on Wednesday that she had not been attempting to pay off the woman when she asked her the following day if there were “other ways to settle this thing”.

Ms Li, who worked for Mr Wang’s production company, said she pulled the alleged victim aside at the Darlinghurst restaurant and told her the allegations could make “quite a lot of trouble” for the show’s crew, Gao and his family and she needed to know the truth.

Ms Li said the alleged victim said: “I cannot tell you what happened because of my family.”


Behold: The Chinese Hugh Jackman!

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  1. Proving once again 2 Wongs don’t make a right,,,
    Wait a minute, I misread the ‘a’ with ‘o’ .
    Sorry all
    Dr Wu

  2. Hmmm… the actor is claiming that it was consensual.

    The victim is a married woman- who witnesses say they saw making out with the accused on a few occasions.

    …could be that he pressured her into sex or sex acts. But would that count as rape?

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