The Climate Cult: Turning your child into another Greta

Patriot Retort:

Did you know that today across the country school children are getting a free pass to walk out of school and join a “Global Climate Strike?”  And who is the star of the show? Greta Thunberg.

Yup, that Swedish kid with Asberger’s syndrome is here in America hoping to convert your children to the Cult of Climate Change.

Why just have one terrified child who has bought into the Climate Change Cult when public schools are happy to turn your children into Greta too.

The fact that adults are willing to exploit a child to advance their political agenda shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. read more

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  1. The Lefties will go to any horrible length — including sacrificing their own children — to appease the gods of a made up crisis. It really is a form of terrorizing your own kids. What the hell is wrong with these people?

    Same thing with gender dysphoria. Just watched a former trans give his testimony on a panel about this at the Heritage Foundation. Truly, bloody awful! Parents deliberately ruining their child’s life because they’ve been brainwashed.

  2. I converted a line from an iotwr’er about Crayons

    To “Greta says American crayons taste ten times better than the crap

    She get’s at Home…

  3. how ‘committed’ would those kids be if they had this on Saturday
    … instead of Friday, just before the weekend, essentially making it a 3-day weekend

    yeah, I bet a lot! …………. riiiiiiiiight

  4. OUr fucking moron of a governor Jay Inslee in Wash. state joined with all these pinhead kids in protest climate change in downtown Spokane today. I despise the jerk. And the kids caused the local cops to scramble all their resources for what turned out to be an illegal, unscheduled protest. We would’ve had our ass kicked if we’d pulled a dumbass stunt like this when I was in HS in the late 60’s and early 70’s.

  5. @Jimmy SEPTEMBER 20, 2019 AT 8:44 PM
    “Demcrats: They’re all about do it for to the children.”

    Yeah, and these are just the kids fortunate enough to survive the demoncrats cult of abortion.

  6. The climate cult is like the Kymer Rouge, antidemocratic, and fueled by brainwashing brats to hate all adults. The adult leaders of this evil movement deserve hollow-points to the head. Enough of this bullshit escalation.

  7. Anonymous Erik, my dad owned a Shell Oil gas station from 1966-1982. I grew up around Shell oil products and gasoline at my dad’s full service gas station and garage. Unfortunately Budget Oil which managed all the Shell stations went to being convenience stores only with gas pumps back in the early 80’s. And where the gas station once was is a friggin McBozos. We used to say “Sell Shell like hell!”

  8. Good grief. Attended rehearsal this evening for my son’s wedding tomorrow. Got to chatting with a woman, retired school teacher & friend of the bride. She told me about how two of her young grandchildren started about two weeks ago coming home from school talking about how they were going to stop eating any food made from beef, because cattle are so bad for the environment & are causing GW. It was agreed schools are indoctrinating nonsense. Not educating. This in mid Ohio, but I think it’s the same elsewhere.

  9. *Saint Pie-Face should get a Nobel Prize or at least a Participation Trophy.

    * I’ve noticed on radio news stations lately that annoying little kids are used to lecture adults as to what we should be doing about anything and everything.

  10. I am old enough to remember when our President took advice from a girl in grammar school. Her name was Amy. the LSM said it was great 41 years ago, still think kids should run the world today!

    To actually think what the D have put out the last 60 years; it helps to still believe in fairy tale.


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